The World Cup final slope of the difficult Chuenisbärgli usually provides spectacle and ecstasy for tens of thousands of ski fans in Adelboden.

In this Corona winter, the spectators are missing - and in addition to the sporting climax by winner Alexis Pinturault, there was above all a moment of shock on the tricky section of the slope on Saturday.

The American Tommy Ford had a serious fall in the giant slalom shortly before the finish, was treated for a long time on the route and then flown to a hospital.

The ski racer was conscious, it was said - in the evening there was at least a little all-clear.

The head and neck injuries are not that bad, said the US association.

Ford suffered a knee injury that needs further investigation.

The sight before was terrifying: Ford lost control of the skis a few gates before the finish, rolled over, hit his head on the ground and slipped - possibly briefly unconscious - into a safety net.

He also crashed into two piste workers.

He lay there motionless, his head twisted, his foot hanging in the net.

Medical professionals rushing to treat him at the scene of the accident.


Then helpers transported Ford with a rescue sled and loaded him into a helicopter.

The US Ski Association announced that Ford was able to speak to the rescue workers during the action.

He was flown to a clinic and was conscious, it said.

Tommy Ford was taken to a hospital by rescue helicopter

Source: AFP via Getty Images / FABRICE COFFRINI

On the tricky slope in the Bernese Oberland, several athletes failed in the first giant slalom on Friday.

The young Norwegian Lucas Braathen fell while crossing the finish line and suffered a ligament injury in his knee.

He has to be operated on and is out for months.

The season ended prematurely for him as well as for his fellow countryman Atle Lie McGrath, who was also injured in the knee.

Two exclamation marks from Pinturault

In terms of sport, the two giant slalom days in Adelboden were clearly dominated by the overall World Cup leader Pinturault, who won both races by a clear margin over Filip Zubcic.

On Saturday he was 1.26 seconds faster than the Croatian.

The Swiss Loic Meillard, who was still leading after the first run, finished third (+1.65).


As on Friday, there was nothing to win for the best German giant slalom driver Alexander Schmid.

On the unloved slope in the Bernese Oberland, the Allgäu did not get past 22nd place and was even a rank lower than on Friday.

In the first run he had convinced in eleventh, but then he fell back and was 3.75 seconds behind Pinturault.

Stefan Luitz missed the German team in Adelboden injured.

The high hopes now rest on Linus Straßer in the slalom on Sunday, where the Munich-based man attacked the top again after his surprise victory in Zagreb.

Adelboden is Straßer's favorite slope.

On Friday, the young Norwegian Lucas Braathen fell while crossing the finish line and sustained a ligament injury in his knee.

He has to be operated on and is out for months.