There is a chance that Eythora Thorsdottir will not participate in the Olympic Games next summer.

The top gymnast says on Thursday in conversation with the

NOS that she

only wants to go to Tokyo if she can continue to work with Patrick Kiens, the coach with whom the KNGU recently broke up.

At the beginning of December, the Dutch gymnastics association announced that the collaboration with coaches Frank Louter and Kiens has been discontinued.

That decision would be separate from the investigation into the abuses in the gymnastics world, but has to do with, among other things, Kiens' attitude and difficult cooperation with fellow trainers.

Kiens is no longer welcome at training sessions of the Dutch selection, but Thorsdottir still works with him at gymnastics club PAX in Hoofddorp.

The 22-year-old talent, one of the best Dutch gymnasts of the moment, is still not planning to continue with another coach.

"I want to continue with Patrick and not otherwise," Thorsdottir told



"I don't say that just like that. Patrick and I are one team and you cannot say that you change coaches in an Olympic year. The world is not that easy."

'We can't just throw this in the trash'

The KNGU does not want to say too much about the decision to stop Kiens, although it is clear that he has to leave partly because of the difficult cooperation with fellow trainers.

Thorsdottir says she doesn't know if she can afford to work towards the Games with another coach at all.

"It could certainly be that I will not go to the Olympics without Patrick. It's scary to say that out loud because you just don't want that. Patrick has guided me from an early age and we have had so many good moments. we can't just throw it in the trash. That's not how I am. "

Despite the situation, the gymnastics association assumes that Thorsdottir will report to the central training location in Nijmegen for a training internship next week.

"Without any notice to the contrary, I assume she will come," says technical director Mark Meijer.