Karim Benzema and Mathieu Valbuena in June 2015 in Villeneuve d'Ascq.



Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema quipped Thursday on the “masquerade” of the upcoming criminal trial in the blackmail case targeting his teammate Mathieu Valbuena via a sextape, in a provocative message posted on Instagram.

"So when's the masquerade, huh?"

", He reacted on the social network, a few hours after the announcement of his referral to the criminal court of Versailles, on a date which has not yet been set.

At the end of a long procedure, four other men are prosecuted for attempted blackmail and one of them also for breach of trust.

“We are unfortunately not surprised.

This is a decision as absurd as it is predictable, "responded Sylvain Cormier, Karim Benzema's lawyer, denouncing" relentlessness ".

Contacted, the Spanish club for its part did not comment.

"Logical follow-up" for Valbuena's lawyer

This referral to the criminal court constitutes "the logical continuation of the instruction, which perfectly established the participation of the various people", estimated the council of Mathieu Valbuena, Me Paul-Albert Iweins.

This is a new episode in a soap opera over five years old: in November 2015, the news of Karim Benzema's custody had the effect of a bomb.

The former star striker of the Blues, who has not appeared in the France team since the start of the affair, is accused of blackmailing his teammate Mathieu Valbuena over a sexual video.


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