Frida Karlsson has been hampered by the chin injury she sustained in her hotel room on Tuesday.

The ski star finished in 13th place in the ladies' hunt start yesterday and afterwards she doubted to complete the tour.

- It does not feel worthwhile to go if you can not get your best out.

Then the tour is not my biggest goal this season, so I will weigh the pros and cons.

We will see, Karlsson told SVT Sport.

Now the 21-year-old chooses to continue the tour.

She gave that message to SVT Sport after the first training session in Val di Fiemme on Thursday.

Karlsson still feels the injury.

- Yes, it does not disappear in the blink of an eye.

It is clear that I will have to live with it a bit, but I aim to drive tomorrow, she says.

Is it getting better with each passing day?

- It's about ... it has cramped up a bit on the right side so I will try to get some throughput and get the blood out of the muscles.

The Tour de Ski continues with a mass start in the Italian Val di Fiemme tomorrow Friday.

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CLIP: Tough day for Frida Karlsson - finished in 13th place (6 Jan 2021)

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Tough day for Frida Karlsson - finished in 13th place