2021 Sports Preview

The late new year is different and wonderful

  Our reporter Liu Yao

  Cancellation, postponement, adjustment of the World Series... A new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused unprecedented trauma to the world sports arena.

When the baton of history is passed to 2021, the hope of the restart of the game and the revival of the sports are also handed over.

  The Olympics will start again and the competitions will gather together. This is a belated and hopeful sports year, and it is also an unknown and unsatisfactory sports year.

The struggle between mankind and the epidemic is far from the end, and many events still face the risk of not being held normally.

But as long as there is a ray of light, the pace will not stop. This is the spirit and strength of sports.

Tokyo Olympics light up dreams

  It is expected that from July 23 to August 8, the much-anticipated Tokyo Olympic Games will kick off.

  The Olympic Games have been set, but a series of problems still need to be resolved.

The new crown epidemic crisis still exists, how to ensure the safe holding of the Olympic Games?

Will the empty field become the final option?

In the face of unpredictable changes, the Tokyo Olympics preparations are still moving forward with great burden, hoping to truly become a "light in the depths of the dark tunnel."

  According to statistics, at present, Chinese players have obtained 115 sub-sports and 221 Olympic qualifications in 20 major events, and the qualifications for some sub-sports will be generated through points competition and qualifying competitions.

In Tokyo, Chinese athletes face opportunities and challenges, and the epidemic has brought more uncertainty to preparations.

By then, it is worth looking forward to whether the Chinese delegation can return to the second place on the gold medal list and achieve greater breakthroughs.

Multinational badminton is a heavy burden

  In 2021, there will also be many badminton competitions.

The Olympic Games, Tangyu Cup, Sudirman Cup, and World Championships will all start this year.

  Among them, the Sudirman Cup is tentatively scheduled to be held in Suzhou from May 23 to 30; the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup in Denmark have been postponed from last year to October this year; the World Championships originally scheduled to be held in August this year are Give way to the Tokyo Olympics and postpone the fight until the end of November.

  For Guoyu, the Tokyo Olympics is naturally a top priority.

According to the plan, from March to May this year, the Olympic qualifiers will start one after another.

At present, the Chinese badminton team has received full Olympic tickets except for the men's doubles.

However, Guoyu still faces many challenges in order to compete for gold and silver in the Olympics.

Table Tennis Grand Slam opens a new chapter

  In 2021, the World Table Tennis Professional League (WTT) Grand Slam tournament will be held. This is also an important step in the promotion of the professional development of table tennis by WTT with Liu Guoliang as the chairman of the board.

  According to the tournament calendar announced by WTT, in the first half of this year, there will be 3 tournament venues in the Middle East, China and Europe, and the first Grand Slam tournament will be held in China from April 14th to May 16th.

  According to the new table tennis world ranking rules, the WTT Grand Slam will become an event with the same status as the World Table Tennis Championships and the Olympic Games.

This also means that if the single World Table Tennis Championships originally scheduled to be held in Houston, the United States can be staged as scheduled, the "three major tournaments" of table tennis will get together this year, and the performance of the national table tennis players is worth looking forward to.

Tennis regroups golden flowers to bloom

  In 2020, "regret" is the key word of the tennis court.

Wimbledon was suspended for the first time in 75 years, and the four Grand Slams rarely missed one. Chinese fans failed to do so because of a missed appointment in the "China Season"; the women's tennis star was dim, and only Wang Qiang beat Serena to bring surprises ...

  Entering the 2021 season, world tennis is still moving forward in uncertainty.

From February 8 to 21, the postponed Australian Open will take the lead.

The world's top tennis players will regroup after a long absence.

According to the previously announced list, Chinese players Wang Qiang, Zhang Shuai, Zheng Saisai, Zhu Lin, Wang Yafan and other players will play in the main match.

  Can Chinese Golden Flower bloom again in 2021?

Can the year-long Chinese season return in the golden autumn?

The fans will wait and see.

Chengdu Universiade Youth Bashu Style

  After the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the 31st Summer Universiade, known as the "Little Olympics", will be held in succession-August 18-29, more than 10,000 college students from about 170 countries and regions around the world Athletes and officials will gather in Chengdu, Sichuan, to go to an international sports event with international standards, Chinese style, Bashu characteristics, youthful style and thrifty ideas.

  This is the third time that China has hosted the University Games, and it is also the first time that a city in central and western China has hosted the Universiade.

The Chengdu Universiade has 18 sports events including basketball, volleyball, track and field, and swimming.

Before the end of April this year, the construction of the competition venues and the Universiade Village will be completed, and activities such as the test match and the torch relay will begin one after another.

Winter Olympics footsteps near the snow and ice

  On February 4 this year, the Beijing Winter Olympics will usher in the first anniversary of the countdown.

With the pace of the Winter Olympics getting closer, the preparation of the event has entered the sprint stage.

At present, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee is maintaining close communication with the International Winter Sports Federation and other aspects to jointly formulate a targeted winter project test plan, and hold a series of test activities in time; Winter Olympic torches, medals, slogans, theme songs, etc. Related elements will also be released one after another.

  Globally, ice and snow events are gradually restarting.

Among them, the 2021 World Short Track Speed ​​Skating Championships will be held in Dordrecht, the Netherlands from March 5th to 7th; the World Speed ​​Skating Championships and many other road events will also be staged in Heerenveen, the Netherlands.

Sanqin greets the National Games with the strongest sound

  In September this year, Sanqin Dadi will usher in a grand sports event-from September 15th to 27th, the 14th National Games will be held in Shaanxi.

At that time, top athletes including the Tokyo Olympic champions will gather in Shaanxi to deliver the strongest voice of China's sports of "National Games, One Heart Walk Together".

  At present, the construction tasks of competition venues for the 14th National Games have been completed, and some of the newly-built venues have undertaken national competitions.

The Fourteenth National Games set up 34 major events, 51 sub-items, and 387 minor events, distributed in 13 urban areas. It is estimated that 14,000 participants, 5,500 technical officials, 5,750 professional competition volunteers, and participating delegations 38.

Women's Volleyball Defends the Olympic Finale

  In 2020, due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics and the cancellation of the World Women's Volleyball League, the Chinese women's volleyball team spent 7 months of closed training.

A few days ago, the World Volleyball Federation announced the 2021 World Women's Volleyball League schedule.

Among them, the women's volleyball competition will start on May 11. The five events of the Chinese women's volleyball team will be held in Ningbo Beilun, Tianjin, Macau, Hong Kong and Jiangmen.

If you successfully enter the finals, the Chinese women's volleyball team will still play at home.

  The exciting Olympic women's volleyball competition will start on July 25.

The Chinese women's volleyball team will play against Turkey, the United States, Russia, Italy and Argentina in the group stage.

It is worth mentioning that the Tokyo Olympic Games will arrange the women's volleyball finals on the last day.

Will the Chinese women's volleyball team have the last laugh in the Olympic finale?

This is one of the biggest highlights of Chinese sports this year.

Men's Basketball Team Shows Asian Du Feng's First Show

  In June of this year, the Tokyo Olympic Men's Basketball Qualifying Tournament will be launched in 4 divisions.

Among them, the Chinese men's basketball team will compete with Greece, Canada, Uruguay, the Czech Republic and Turkey for an Olympic ticket.

With strong enemies waiting, the Chinese men's basketball team has little hope of qualifying, but they still need to go all out to prove themselves.

  The Tokyo Olympics is hopeless, and the Chinese men's basketball team is still expected to regain the supremacy in the Asian Cup.

From August 16 to 28 this year, the Men's Basketball Asian Cup will be held in Indonesia, and the qualifiers are expected to start in February.

At that time, the men's basketball coach Du Feng will lead his team for the first time.

The Chinese men's basketball team ranked fifth in the last Asian Cup.

  Last year, the Chinese women's basketball team won the Tokyo Olympics qualification through a qualifying round.

In July this year, the Chinese women's basketball team will launch an impact for better results.

America meets Europe in summer with football

  The America’s Cup and the European Cup, which were originally scheduled to be held in 2020, were postponed to this summer due to the epidemic.

It is worth mentioning that the "schedules" of the two football feasts that have reignited the flames of war coincide, and they are both held from June 11 to July 11, which are quite a bit of a rivalry in the air.

Fans can feast their eyes on it.

  Since the last European Cup, the "Little World Cup", which has expanded to 24 participating teams, has encountered many "water injection" questions.

However, considering that there are still "dead groups" such as France, Germany, Portugal and Hungary in the group stage, this European Cup should not have a boring start.

The only variable is that this tournament, originally scheduled to be jointly held by 12 cities, may lose its “European power” due to the impact of the epidemic.