The junior crowns fell heavily against Finland in the quarterfinals.

With 24 seconds left, the decisive goal came, after Finland pressed in the last period.

- Sweden and Finland are two equal teams.

But the way Sweden goes out is a failure.

You get a great start but then stop playing and go back home, says Jonas Andersson.

They have higher individual skill

That Sweden, which between 2008 and 2014 was in the JVM final five times, goes out already in the quarter finals is worrying, according to the expert.

He sees a downward trend, and in the last seven JVM tournaments, Sweden has only two medals.

- Russia, Canada and the USA have a higher individual skill than Sweden.

I hope we can draw that analysis now, he says.

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Noel Gunler was one of all Swedes who fell into tears after the JVM loss.

Photo: Jason Franson / AP / TT