Omar Elabdelawi (29), a defender of the Norwegian national football team and active in Turkey's'high school' Galatasaray, suffered a burn on his face during the New Year's fireworks display.

According to Turkish media, Elabdelawi burned his face by exploding firecrackers from his hands during New Year's fireworks at home.

In a statement, the Galatasaray club announced, "Elabdelawi was transferred to a hospital in Istanbul and received emergency treatment."

The hospital explained, "Both eyes were hurt. The condition is improving. There is no risk of blindness, but for now, we have to look at the condition."

Elabdelawi from Norway has been playing for the Norwegian national team since 2013 as a defender in charge of both full-back right-back and midfield right-hand side, and left Olympiacos in August last year and transferred to Galatasaray.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)