These are inverted worlds for Frida Karlsson.

Yesterday she took a podium place in a World Cup sprint for the first time.

Today, the favorite distance was 10 km classic.

There, the podium disappeared just before the finish and she finished fourth.

Yesterday's smile was transformed into a disappointed look.

Karlsson otherwise felt fresh and pulled hard to crack the field.

On the third lap, it seemed to have given results when she got a gap with Ebba Andersson in the back.

But down towards the stadium, the others caught up and on the fourth and final lap Karlsson lost third place in the race and finished fourth.

- I have had a little worse glide and put on too much grip, made a wrong decision.

They caught up with the gap I got on the third lap and it was sour, says Karlsson who clearly showed his disappointment.

"In total, it does not matter"

The body and shape felt good and the tactics were set up accordingly.

- I'm in shape and felt strong, otherwise I would not have gone as I did.

I'm disappointed.

I'm offensive and pull all the way and it wears a little on the body. But overall, it does not matter if I was one or four, Karlsson thinks.

While the winner Linn Svahn did not pull a meter before reaching the sprint part at the stadium, Karlson tried in vain to crack the field.

With the result in hand, there was too much mooring under Karlsson's skis. 

- I was unsure before starting and tested close.

I did not think I got the bite I wanted, so I put on a little too much attachment.

It took on my slide today and I regret it, but it was completely my own fault.

Expect a revenge-hungry Karlsson in Sunday's hunt start over 10 km free.

Linn Svahn goes out first and has Jessie Diggins 13 seconds behind and Karlsson 18. Behind, Rosie Brennan, 20 seconds behind Svahn, will probably make it a quartet quickly.

Watch the race on SVT1 Sunday 15.25.