Östberg points out how important it is for the club to stay.

- It is very important for Western Sweden to have a team in the Allsvenskan.

It is good for Swedish women's football.

And of course so good for the players, says Östberg.

Critical of how it was handled

Two days ago, the club announced that it would close down its elite operations.

Frida Östberg is critical of how it was handled.

- Feels unnecessary how it was handled, it could have been done better.

It should be done in a different order.

Maybe you should reach out first before making such a decision that created stress.

- Now it is important to build trust in sponsors so everyone knows what is happening and that you have transparency.

But it is fantastically good that it has been resolved, says Frida Östberg.

CLIP: Expert Frida Östberg on the closure of Göteborg FC (December 29, 2020)

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