The class difference between the bottom and the top in SDHL is large.

The difference between the bottom and the layers in the middle of the table is also often visible.

Back talent two-goal shooter

Like on Sunday night when Leksand was visiting Jönköping.

HV71 led 2-0 even before we had played two minutes and when the match was over it was 9-0 on the scoreboard.

Two of the goals were scored by the home team's 15-year-old back talent, Mira Markström, and thus she doubled her goal harvest for this season.

Markström was also noted for an assist.

Leksand is hopelessly anchored at the bottom of the SDHL table together with Gothenburg, which you can see below.

HV71 advanced three placements.

MORE SDHL: Brynäs clap-clap goal against Gothenburg (27/12 2020)

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Brynäs offered hockey candy in the victory over Gothenburg Photo: C More