The final day of the sumo wrestling joint training is the 23rd.

While both Yokozuna of Hakuho and Tsururyu were absent, and Sekitori's participation was limited to four people, Takayasu Koyui took the 22nd sumo wrestling and made a big win.

The joint training that started on the 18th of this month at the sumo training school in the Kokugikan in Tokyo and Ryogoku has reached its final day on the 23rd.

The holidays continued, and Hakuho and Tsururyu Yokozuna, who received a "caution" resolution from the Yokozuna Deliberation Committee after November, and the three Ozeki were all closed.

In addition to Takayasu Koyui, four people who participated in Sekitori were Kiribayama and Abusaki, who were in the previous place, and Hokutofuji.

Takayasu, an experienced Ozeki player who has been showing good movement since the first day of the joint training, took the 22nd sumo wrestling and won 16 wins and 6 losses.

I was told how good the condition was by going forward many times from the meeting.

Takayasu said, "I was able to finish the final day comfortably. I want to go up again next year in a fruitful year."

On the other hand, Yokozuna Kakuryu has completed 6 days of joint training without taking sumo, and is worried about his condition.