At the Badminton All Japan Championship, Kento Momota, who was seriously injured in a traffic accident in January, returned to the match and won straight with a game count of 2-0.

Momota, who participated in the tournament for the first time in 11 months, played against high school student Koshiro Moriguchi in the first round of the All Japan Championship.

We decided to advance to the second round by taking the first game 21 to 12 and the second game 21 to 14 and decorating the return game with a straight win, such as deciding a drop shot with a calm game from the start. ..

Can the Trials Show Proof of 2020 Growth?

Kento Momota has returned to the official court for the first time in 11 months. He showed a match like Momota with slow and fast movements, such as sharp smashes and drop shots that he is good at.

For Momota, this year has been a series of trials. Immediately after winning an international tournament in Malaysia in January, I was involved in a traffic accident on my way to the airport.

After returning to Japan, he returned to practice for a while, but complained of poor eyesight, such as "the shuttle looks double," and a detailed examination revealed a fracture of the right eye or bottom. I was forced to undergo eye surgery, which is said to be the lifeline of athletes.

In continuing the desperate rehabilitation towards the Tokyo Olympic Games was the opening scheduled for July, expanding infection of the new coronavirus, along with the Olympic Games of the postponement, no longer stand also the prospect of the return game.

The period of not being able to play the game was as long as 11 months.

During this period, Momota tackled his own challenges, which he hadn't had time until last year when he was competing in the world.

It was the absolute defensive power that pushed Momota to the top of the world. Shuttle control technology such as the synonymous "hairpin" is unrivaled, but the defensive power that keeps returning with flowing footwork of rivals who excel in power is truly the best technology in the world.

At a press conference after the accident, Momota said, "I will acquire more strength and come back to the court."

Momota has spent his time refraining from doing so to strengthen his offensive power in order to make that word a reality. In the return match, he won straight against a high school student, but mistakes were noticeable at the end of the game.

In order to win this tournament, you have to win 5 times. Whether Momota will show proof of growth from now on, keep an eye on the games after the 24th.