Chinanews client, December 23, Beijing time on the early morning of the 23rd, in the 15th round of La Liga, Barcelona beat Valladolid 3-0 away.

Messi scored the opponent's goal in the 65th minute and scored the 644th goal on behalf of FC Barcelona.

This also allowed him to surpass "Ball King" Pele and set a new record for the most goals scored by a single club.

Messi breaks Bailey's record

  After experiencing the fluctuations in the early season of the season, Barcelona's recent performance has picked up, with three wins and one draw in the last four league games.

However, after one-third of the La Liga schedule this season, Barcelona has been eight points behind Atletico Madrid.

If you want to catch up to the top of the list, every point will not be missed since then.

  In the last round of Barcelona vs. Valencia, Messi scored with a header before the end of the first half. According to official statistics, this was the 643th goal he scored for Barcelona, ​​which was officially tied by Pele. Record.

Messi tied Pele's record

  Before scoring a goal in this game, Messi contributed an outstanding performance.

In the 21st minute, he sent a brilliant pick pass, the ball passed the defensive player, Langley swung his head in front of the goal and scored.

In the 35th minute, Messi again sent an accurate through pass, and Dest crossed from the right side of the small penalty area to help Blaise Waite to push the empty goal.

  In the 65th minute of the game, the historic moment finally arrived.

Pedri sent a wonderful pass near the top of the arc, and Messi put in an angry shot to seal the victory for Barcelona and also set a single club goal record.

Bailey congratulates Messi on social media screenshots

  Pele's record was set in the last century. This feat he accomplished at the Santos Club in Brazil was considered one of the most difficult records in football.

  In the world of football, 643 goals are astronomical.

How many familiar superstar shooters can hardly reach this height.

For example, Henry, the grand slam of football honors, the well-deserved king of the gun king, one of the best forwards of this century.

The total number of goals scored by his club ended up at 360.

  643 goals mean a long period of time and the peak state that has been maintained throughout this long period of time.

Therefore, I can understand why the "ball king" Pele will show so much admiration and respect in his blessing to Messi.

After the game, Messi posted on social media

  Despite this great achievement, Messi is still as humble as ever.

After the game, Messi updated his social media status,

  "When I started playing football, I never thought about breaking the record, let alone breaking Pele's record now..." Messi said, "I have to thank all those who have helped me over the years, thank you My teammates, my family, my friends, and everyone who supports me every day. Hug you!"

Weibo screenshot

  Messi's record breaking also sparked discussion and praise from netizens.

"Messi is the best in history (goat)", "Every step Messi takes is the history of football", "A player like the May boss, not to mention a hundred years, at least 50 years, it is difficult to produce one, look and cherish" ...

  Some Barcelona fans implored Messi not to leave the team during the offseason and stay here to retire.

Others expect him to lead the team to win the World Cup, Champions League and other games.

  After setting the record, Messi will not stop, and there will be new history waiting for him to write in the future.