Rico Verhoeven still does not rule out a third fight with Badr Hari.

The GLORY heavyweight world champion believes his rival cannot be written off after Saturday's defeat to Benjamin Adegbuyi.

36-year-old Hari was knocked out in the third round on Saturday and suffered a double nose fracture.

A day later, the kickboxer's trainer announced that he is considering his future.

"We will see", Verhoeven responded on Monday evening at

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"What I think is a shame is that everyone now says: 'Badr is ready, he is out'. I don't think so."

De Brabander certainly did not rule out a third fight with Hari.

"I don't think you can write off someone's entire career on the basis of one match. The man has put in great performances."


Retrospect: 'Hari's mistake was cleverly punished by Adegbuyi'

Verhoeven did not think that Hari was disappointing

Hari was the champion of the kickboxing associations K1 and It's Showtime in the past.

But since his switch to GLORY in 2016, the Amsterdammer who fights under the Moroccan flag no longer won a single duel.

Hari had to hand in his victory over Hesdy Gerges after a positive doping test and gave up twice injured against Verhoeven.

In addition, he was certainly the last time in December last year winning.

Also on Saturday against Adegbuyi, Hari started the fight strongly.

At the end of the second round, Adegbuyi got an eight count and walked dizzy through the ring.

But early in the third round, Verhoeven's Romanian training partner delivered the decisive blow with a right to the nose of Hari.

"I didn't think Badr was disappointing, it was just the resilience of 'Benny'. We never stop", said Verhoeven.

With this blow, Adegbuyi Hari was knocked out on Saturday evening.

With this blow, Adegbuyi Hari was knocked out on Saturday evening.

Photo: ANP

'In the beginning, nice steps on Hari's arms'

In the thirteen weeks before the fight, Verhoeven and Adegbuyi trained together almost daily.

Ten minutes before the fight, the world champion called his training partner to give tips.

"He had to kick his arms right from the start. In the later rounds that will take its toll, then he slows down. And that's what Benny did."

On January 30, Verhoeven himself will appear in the ring again.

He then takes on Jamal Ben Saddik in a title fight.