The Court of Arbitration for Sport dismissed the proceedings of judo gold medalist Hafaela Silva at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, seeking withdrawal and mitigation over a two-year suspension for doping violations on the 21st. Was announced.

Silva was unable to participate in the Tokyo Olympics after being found to have violated the tournament last August.

Brazil's Hafaela Silva won the gold medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Judo Women's 57kg class.

However, at the convention in August last year, he showed a positive reaction for prohibited substances used for the treatment of asthma, and after that, IJF = International Judo Federation imposed a two-year suspension of qualification for a doping violation.

CAS announced on the 21st that it has dismissed Silva's proceedings seeking withdrawal and mitigation over the suspension of qualification for the past two years.

A violation was found at the tournament last August, which prevented Silva from participating in the Tokyo Olympics.

Tsukasa Yoshida, who defeated Silva in last year's world championships, has been appointed as the Japan national team for the women's 57 kg class at the Tokyo Olympics.