A total of five leaders, including national team captain Tomas Montén, and four players have been stopped from the junior WC after positive coronation tests or for violating the quarantine rules.

Something that obviously affects the Swedish effort, says SVT's ice hockey expert Jonas Andersson.

Jonas Andersson about the Swedish JVM squad:


- Hugo Alnefelt, who did so well already last year, has tough competition from Luleå's Jesper Wallstedt.

I did not think he would have competition but that says a bit about how strong the goalkeeper side is.

Alnefelt is a key player, no doubt about that.


- Philip Broberg makes his third championship.

Almost every year we say that "now Sweden has its best backside ever".

It may not be the best now, but the top four.

Victor Söderström is a personal favorite that I think will be, if not the best back, then at least a top back in the entire tournament.

The defensive part with offensive backs, defensive backs and a goalkeeper in Alnefelt, where it looks really good.


- If you want to go all the way and take a medal, you need someone who makes a little difference, who breaks patterns.

Lucas Raymond and Alexander Holtz can do it, especially Raymond who does the unexpected things.

These two young players have the lead.

Andersson's four key players:

Hugo Alnefelt, goalkeeper

Philip Broberg, back

Lucas Raymond, Outer Forward

Alexander Holtz, outer forward

How far does Sweden go:

- We can not expect a semi-final place.

There are three teams that look extremely strong;

United States, Canada and Russia.

For me, Sweden is four on paper.

But this team has shown before that they can win, they won the U18 World Cup.

So there is a chance but they are not favorites.

This is how JVM is broadcast:

December 25:

20.00: Switzerland-Slovakia, TV10

December 26:

00.00: Germany-Finland, TV10

03.30: Russia-USA, SVT1 / SVT Play



-Czech Republic, SVT2 / SVT Play

December 27:

00.00: Germany-Canada, SVT2 / SVT Play

03.30: USA-Austria, TV10

20.00: Finland-Switzerland, SVT2 / SVT Play (SVT24 from 21.00)

December 28:

00.00: Slovakia-Canada, TV10

03.30: Czech Republic-Russia, TV10

December 29:

00.00: Austria-


, TV6

03.30: Slovakia-Germany, TV10

20.00: USA-Czech Republic, TV10

December 30:

00.00: Canada-Switzerland, SVT1 / SVT Play

03.30: Austria-Russia, TV10

20.00: Finland-Slovakia, SVT2 (SVT24 from 21.00)

December 31:

00.00: Switzerland-Germany, SVT1 / SVT Play

03.30: Russia-


, SVT1 / SVT Play

20.00: Czech Republic-Austria, SVT2 / SVT Play

January 1:

00.00: Canada-Finland, TV10




January 2:

18.00: Quarter final 1, SVT2 / SVT Play

21.30: Quarter final 2, SVT2 / SVT Play

January 3:

01.00: Quarter final 3

04.30: Quarter final

January 5:

00.00: Semifinal 1, SVT1 / SVT Play

03.30: Semifinal 2

23.30: Bronze match, SVT2 / SVT Play

January 6:

03.30: Final

The Swedish squad:


1. Jesper Wallstedt, Luleå

30. Hugo Alnefelt, HV71

35. Calle Clang, Kristianstad


3. Tobias Björnfot, Los Angeles Kings

4. Emil Andrae, HV71

5. Philip Broberg, Skellefteå

6. Ludvig Hedström, Djurgården

7. Gustav Berglund, Frölunda

8. Victor Söderström, Arizona Coyotes

9. Albert Johansson, Färjestad

26. Alex Brännstam , Djurgården


10. Alexander Holtz, Djurgården

13. Emil Heineman, Leksand

14. Arvid Costmar, Linköping

15. Simon Holmström, New York Islanders

16. Theodor Niederbach, Frölunda

17. Oskar Kvist, Brynäs

18. Lucas Raymond, Frölunda

21. Oscar Bjerselius, Djurgården

23. Jonathan Wikström, HV71

24. Oskar Olausson, HV71

25. Elmer Söderblom, Frölunda

27. Zion Nybeck, HV71

28. Noel Gunler, Brynäs

29. Albin Sundsvik, Skellefteå