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Zinedine Zidane listened to the questions of the journalists in the Ipurua press room and as he saw that none of the first two considered the good performance of his team, he took the initiative himself: "We must highlight everyone's game.

It was a Great game

, Eibar has also had its strong moments, but I think we have controlled it well, even having difficulties. We suffer, but we control, this is football and I think the victory is deserved. "

Earlier, in the Movistar interview at the foot of the field, the white technician, half joking, half seriously, told his interlocutor that "you always tell me the same thing, it's that we suffer. Normally we suffer!"

Zizou, you know, stands in front of the microphone to talk about his book and he doesn't care about the rest.

And his book this Sunday was about that, about his satisfaction with the response of his players in a game in which they were

forced to lower the mud


Perhaps because he remembered similar encounters, see Alavés, Cádiz or Shakhtar, in which that mud absorbed him.

"It is a complicated field and a rival who does not lower his arms from minute one to 90. We had to alternate the output of the ball, short and long, and I think we did it quite well," added the French coach.

Of what he did not want to say anything was

hand in hand in the area of ​​Sergio Ramos in the final stretch


The hand existed, but the referee did not consider it a penalty and the VAR did not go in to correct it.

"I have not seen it, but the referee whistles and as always I don't get involved in the referee's work," said Zidane.

More forceful, as always, was Mendilibar, a declared enemy of the VAR: "In 20 seconds they have decided, they have seen it very clearly, they have not even gone to the VAR. In similar plays they spend two or three minutes, in slow, fast motion ... ".

And, of course, the Eibar coach got wet on his behalf and even on Sergio Ramos.

"It seemed to me a penalty and I think that Ramos also thought it was a penalty, because he has been discussing it with our players and also his," said the Zaldibar coach.

In what everyone agrees that the criterion of sanctionable and legal hands is an indecipherable mystery.


We are not clear about the criteria of the hands, there are some that are whistled and others that are not," said Dani Carvajal.

"He hits him in the hand, but I don't know if it's a penalty. Some call them and others don't. It's a bit confusing," said Kike García.

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