It was found that Ryo Kiyuna, who is expected to win a gold medal in the men's form of karate at the Tokyo Olympics, was tested positive by the PCR test for the new coronavirus.

Kiyuna from Okinawa is expected to win a gold medal because he is a male karate player and is sure to be the representative of the Tokyo Olympics.

At the All Japan Championship on the 13th of this month, he won the tournament's first nine consecutive victories.

According to the Japan Karatedo Federation, Kiyuna complained of poor physical condition due to a fever of 38 degrees on the morning of the 18th, and as a result of a PCR test at a hospital in Okinawa prefecture, it was judged positive.

Kiyuna is currently receiving medical treatment at home because of her fever.

Kiyuna was practicing at a dojo in Naha City after participating in the All Japan Championship.

The federation has contacted about 30 people who have participated in the All Japan Championship, but says that no one has complained of poor health so far.