Badr Hari lost his kickboxing fight with Benjamin Adegbuyi on Saturday.

The heavyweight was knocked out at GLORY 76 in Ahoy Rotterdam early in the third round.

It was the seventeenth defeat in 123 matches in the career of 36-year-old Hari.

In advance, Hari had predicted a simple victory against the Romanian one year younger.

“I knocked him out in the first round, this is easy money making,” he said.

Adegbuyi, who is a training partner of Rico Verhoeven, offered a good match in the equal first round.

Hari fell three times, without getting eight seconds.

In the second round Adegbuyi had to take a lot and at the end he went against the canvas for eight seconds.

Hari then tried to finish, but the end-of-round bell came too early.

Adegbuyi then started the third round aggressively.

He quickly knocked Hari to the ground for eight seconds.

Shortly after, the knockout came, with a blow to the nose from Hari.

Badr Hari shortly after losing to Benjamin Adegbuyi

Badr Hari shortly after losing to Benjamin Adegbuyi

Photo: ANP

Verhoeven takes action at GLORY 77

GLORY 76 was the kicksports association's first event in corona time.

On January 30, heavyweight world champion Rico Verhoeven will take on challenger Jamal Ben Saddik in a title fight at GLORY 77.

Ahead of the clash between Hari and Adegbuyi, Frenchman Cédric Doumbé successfully defended his welterweight world title by knocking out fellow countryman Karim Ghajji in the third round.

Doumbé would initially compete in a title fight against Murthel Groenhart in Rotterdam, but the Amsterdammer had to cancel an injury a week in advance.