The English Premier League was the first league to announce on Thursday that it will experiment with an extra substitution if players are likely to have suffered a concussion.

The clubs unanimously agreed to a trial in January.

Rules committee IFAB announced on Wednesday that an extra substitution will be allowed in the event of a concussion.

Interested leagues can experiment from next month.

With the rule change, the IFAB wants to further protect the health of the players, without a team being disadvantaged by having to continue playing in the meantime.

It is no surprise that the Premier League is the first league to take advantage of that option, as the IFAB's decision followed a call from the English league.

Under current rules, the referee may suspend a match for a maximum of three minutes for medical treatment.

Players would continue to play under pressure, after which a concussion is sometimes found.

Premier League shareholders also agreed on Thursday that the clubs in England should no longer have seven, but nine players on the bench.

It has already been allowed to change five times.

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