Rules committee IFAB gave permission on Wednesday for tests in which teams may change extra if a player has suspected a concussion.

The decision follows a call from the English Premier League.

Interested leagues can apply from January 2021 to the IFAB to experiment with an extra substitution option in the event of a possible concussion of a player.

The IFAB writes in a statement that it wants to protect the health of the player, without the team being disadvantaged by an under-team.

Current rules stipulate that a referee may suspend the game for a maximum of three minutes for medical action.

Many players would still complete the match under pressure.

Often a concussion is not diagnosed until afterwards.

The announcement of the IFAB follows a day after statements by Jan Vertonghen, who said in an interview with


that he was suffering from the aftermath of a concussion for nine months.

The Belgian defender sustained that injury in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

His then club Tottenham Hotspur then played against Ajax.

"I should not have continued to play. Because I did, I experienced the consequences of it for nine months. That has been at the expense of my game all this time", said Vertonghen.

The incident sparked much criticism from the medical world.

Clubs may make five substitutions in a match until the end of 2021.

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Clubs are also allowed to switch five times longer

The IFAB also gave the green light for the extension of the two additional substitution options, so that teams can substitute five times in a match.

Domestic leagues can use it until December 31, 2021 and international competitions until July 31, 2022.

The additional substitution options were introduced by FIFA in the spring when the competitions resumed to ease the physical strain on the players.

After the interruption due to the corona crisis, clubs had to complete many matches in a short period of time and FIFA feared that this would cause many injuries.