The surprising victory will be 29-year-old Otmar Sttriedinger's first ever in the World Cup.

This also applies to runner-up Urs Kryehnbuehl, who led the competition for a long time.

Third is the Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, who was a pre-favorite when he went the fastest in training.

Now his ride was enough for a podium, only 14 hundredths behind.

The four, Johan Clarey from France, were also unexpected.

The 39-year-old has never won a World Cup but led by a few hundredths at the very last intermediate time.

However, he did not manage to keep up.

Led but drove out

Another who was banging big was Niels Hintermann, Switzerland, who was on his way to a podium place and possible victory, when he only half a minute from goal got a blow on the ski and drove out.

The most deadliest of the competition was perhaps the backdoor gate that yesterday's Super G winner Mauro Caviezel got with him.

He took a close turn and both stick and flag sat like a stray lap dog around his leg.

Only after 40 seconds of riding did the flag lose its grip but it cost and he came closer to the second after the winner.

The competition is ongoing