Good evening and welcome to the live blog of the European Handball Championship!

My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you informed about the game of the Dutch handball players in the main round of the European tournament.

  • European Championship handball

  • Netherlands-Norway

  • Rash:

  • 25-32 (10-16)

a few seconds ago

This is the position in the group of the Netherlands after the hopeless defeat against Norway:

  • Norway 3-


  • Croatia



  • Netherlands 3-


  • Germany 2-



  • Hungary 2-


  • Romania 3-


  • a few seconds ago

    The Netherlands close to elimination after losing against Norwegians

    The Dutch handball players are on the verge of elimination at the European Handball Championship in Denmark.

    The reigning world champion loses the first game in the main round against Norway: 25-32.

    The team of national coach Emmanuel Mayonnade now has to win the remaining two games (from Germany and Romania) to keep the hope for the semi-finals alive.

    a few seconds ago

    Debbie Bont and Larissa Nusser give the stand a more bearable look and lead the Netherlands to 



    Norway requests a time-out with two minutes to go.

    Will there be a miracle from Kolping?

    a few seconds ago

    Larissa Nusser reduces the margin to eight goals with 


    , but she hardly cheering.

    It is yet another example that resignation has struck the Netherlands.

    This match against the sovereign Norwegians will be lost without a chance.

    Another five minutes in Kolding, Denmark.

    a few seconds ago

    Martine Smeets almost takes off the shirt of Stine Skogrand, but the Norwegian remains upright and throws in the


    while falling 


    Nobody can stop the Norwegians.

    a few seconds ago

    a few seconds ago

    Despite the defensive disorder at the Netherlands, Mayonnade's team is getting closer to Norway.

    Debbie Bont makes it 20-28, but then it is Norway that


    again and comes to 



    It is a repetitive story in Kolding, Denmark.

    Norway is sovereign.

    a few seconds ago

    Angela Malestein and Bo van Wetering bring the Netherlands back to 


    , but that is mainly because Norway has taken its foot off the accelerator.

    The Norwegians seem to be saving themselves for the upcoming matches at this European Championship.

    It couldn't get more painful for the reigning world champion.

    a few seconds ago

    Mayonnade's time-out has no effect, in fact it is counterproductive.

    Norway is only further out.

    Orange is already



    What a letdown.

    a few seconds ago

    This shows nicely who is in charge at this European Championship in Denmark.

    And that is not reigning world champion the Netherlands, but seven-time European champion Norway.

    The Norwegians tower above everything and everyone.

    National coach Emmanuel Mayonnade requests

    a time-out



    to do something about the defensive disorder.

    a few seconds ago

    The Netherlands seemed to have a taste for it, but now the gap is already seven hits:



    Orange is going to get tough here.

    a few seconds ago

    a few seconds ago

    Angela Malestein makes it


    , but in the counterbutt it is immediately 



    It's Norway in a nutshell.

    The Norwegians are in a class of their own at this tournament.

    The reigning world champion cannot disturb the two-time Olympic champion either.

    a few seconds ago

    Lois Abbingh throws in


    from 7 meters

    and that is not the only boost for the Netherlands, as the Norwegians have to continue with six players for two minutes after a time penalty.

    Can Orange now start a comeback?

    a few seconds ago

    Dionne Housheer is one of the few Dutch players who does not want to give up yet and that results in a goal for the young player.

    She makes it 



    a few seconds ago

    Despite the fact that the Netherlands is lagging behind, it is also enjoyable to enjoy the flashy game of the Norwegians.

    Sanna Charlotte Solberg-Isaksen gets the ball through and finishes with a nice wippertje.

    Finish to pass through a ring: 


    a few seconds ago

    A ray of hope is perhaps this hit by Kelly Dulfer, good for the 



    Dulfer throws the ball against the ropes at 95 kilometers per hour.

    There must be a lot of frustration behind that.

    a few seconds ago

    a few seconds ago

    It is starting to become more painful and painful for Oranje in Kolding.

    Norway is furiously off the starting blocks in the second half and is already taking an 


    lead against the reigning world champion, where belief in a good result has died down.

    a few seconds ago

    Lois Abbingh scores the first Dutch in the second half and that was desperately needed, as Norway had made the 10-18 before that.

    So it is



    The Netherlands must continue with one player less because of a time penalty for Laura van der Heijden.

    a few seconds ago

    The Dutch defense is acting for a firm push in the run-up to the


    , but the Greek referees dismiss the protests.

    The assignment for Orange is only getting more difficult.

    a few seconds ago


     The second half of the Netherlands-Norway is on its way.

    Can Orange rise from the ashes in Kolding, Denmark?

    a few seconds ago

    For the time being, this picture illustrates the relations between the Netherlands and Norway.

    It is Norway that attacks, scores and cheers.

    The Netherlands tries to keep the unleashed Norwegians in check, but fails at all.

    The Orange has to make up a 10-16 deficit after the break.

    a few seconds ago

    a few seconds ago

    These are the statistics in the first half of the Netherlands-Norway:


    Standings: 10-16

    Shots: 19-26

    Passes: 500-334

    Possession: 55% -45%

    a few seconds ago


     Frustration and resignation fight for priority with the Dutch handball players, because it is not going anywhere against Norway.

    The Norwegians are one class better and that is reflected in the standings: 



    Orange needs a thunderous speech from national coach Emmanuel Mayonnade.

    a few seconds ago

    What a machine that Norway is.

    The goalkeeper of the Norwegians reverses a bet from Larissa Nusser and in the switch, the three-time world champion is so close to Tess Wester's goal.

    Henny Riestad works the ball under the Dutch keeper: 



    a few seconds ago

    Oh, what goes wrong here in Orange's attack.

    Larissa Nusser loses the ball in the build-up and that plays into the hands of the countering Norwegians.

    Dione Housheer quickly makes it



    a few seconds ago

    Angela Malestein sets a good example for Orange.

    The Spakenburgse is also accurate on her second attempt on goal and puts the Netherlands at 



    Can Orange limit the damage towards half time?

    a few seconds ago

    a few seconds ago

    Nora Mork is in particularly good shape with Norway and is hurting the Netherlands again.

    The Norwegians increase the margin to five again: 



    a few seconds ago


    Does this mark the turnaround of Orange?

    Laura van der Heijden does something in return with a quick hand movement.

    The difference is 'only' four.

    a few seconds ago

    After more than seven minutes it is finally hit for the Netherlands.

    Angela Malestein throws the ball into the net and narrows the deficit to 



    a few seconds ago

    Frustrations get the upper hand at the Netherlands and that is reflected in a second yellow card for Danick Snelder.

    She pushes Nora Mork over, but the Norwegian manages to get the ball in.

    A double blow for the Netherlands: 



    a few seconds ago

    Mayonnade's words have no unctuous effect on Orange, because Norway immediately makes it 



    Slowly resignation seems to be creeping into Orange.

    There has been no Dutch hit for seven minutes.

    a few seconds ago

    It is now going fast with the Netherlands, which is in danger of losing its connection with Norway.

    Stine Oftedal, the top scorer in the game, makes it



    National coach Mayonnade immediately requests a time-out.

    a few seconds ago

    Norway has weapons that the Netherlands cannot answer.

    Stine Oftedal throws the ball so hard behind Tess Wester that it looks like a grenade hit.

    Not much later Camilla Herrem makes the 



    a few seconds ago

    Laura van der Heijden gets up when she has to.

    She jumps up and throws the ball under the Norwegian goalkeeper, while the Netherlands is less in the field with a second yellow card for Kelly Dulfer: 



    a few seconds ago

    The Netherlands is keeping pace with Norway and knows how to limit the backlog.

    Danick Snelder brings the lead back to 5-6 after Norway got 4-6.

    a few seconds ago

    The Dutch defense cannot get a grip on the rapid outbreaks of the Norwegians.

    After one watched pass, star player Camilla Herem comes only for Tess Wester and she does not fail:


    a few seconds ago

    After more than six minutes without a hit, the Netherlands is finally accurate again.

    Lois Abbingh pulls her team out of the slob and provides the connection goal:



    a few seconds ago

    What is suddenly the matter with the Dutch handball players?

    After an energetic start, the Orange defense collapses like a house of cards and Norway turns a 2-0 deficit into a 2-4 lead.

    Nora Mork scores from 7 meters.

    Wester is close, but cannot turn the ball.

    a few seconds ago

    That is the class of Norway, which has a few world-renowned players in its ranks.

    In two minutes the Norwegians take a 2


    lead, via hits from Stine Skogrand and Stine Oftedal.

    a few seconds ago

    After more than three minutes, Norway is rid of the hateful zero.

    Stine Skogrand scores for the Norwegians, who encountered a stiff Orange defense in the initial phase.

    Tess Wester has to capitulate: 2-1.

    a few seconds ago

    The Netherlands rumbles on and comes to 2-0 within two minutes.

    Laura van der Heijden throws the ball into the ropes, her twelfth goal of this tournament.

    a few seconds ago


    Debbie Bont makes Orange feel good.

    She scores right from the start in Kolding and puts the Dutch handball players ahead against Norway.

    a few seconds ago


    The Dutch handball players have started the first game of the main round, with top country Norway.

    Can the Orange, the reigning world champion, surprise against the Norwegians, who are considered stronger in Denmark?

    a few seconds ago

    The players of the Netherlands and Norway have entered the empty hall in Kolding, Denmark.

    They are going to listen to the national anthems.

    a few seconds ago

    Kelly Dulfer is the top scorer among the Dutch handball players with fourteen hits.

    She is chased by Laura van der Heijden, who found the net eleven times.

    Angela Malestein, Lois Abbingh and Danick Snelder scored ten times.

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