OM, like its season in the Champions League, conceded an unfortunate goal at the end of the match against City.


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  • Olympique de Marseille were swept 3-0 against Manchester City on Wednesday night in the Champions League.

  • With this defeat in the image of their Champions League campaign, the Marseillais are eliminated from all European cups.

A summary of OM's season in the Champions League.

Olympique de Marseille lost 3-0 Wednesday night against Manchester City on the last day of C1.

A defeat synonymous with elimination of all European cups since it was necessary to do better than Olympiakos, who had yet lost against Porto (2-0).

The umpteenth disillusionment in a decidedly dismal European campaign.

“It's hard for us once again.

We were very happy at the break, we also knew the result of the match in Greece, we felt the team was well organized, but things turned out badly for us, ”regretted coach André Villas Boas on RMC Sport.

OM had indeed delivered a quality first half, and even offered the luxury of dominating City.

But as since the start of the season, the Olympians have messed up each of their decisive gestures.

"Everything was played on the first match"

And the punishment was not long in coming since Sterling, entered at the break, offered a cake to Torres two minutes after his entry (47th).

The Citizens only had to unfold with Agüero (77th) and Sterling (90th).

We believed in it for a good half hour, as against Porto during the double confrontation.

It is also not Wednesday evening that the Marseillais missed their qualification in the Europa League.

The tone was set from the first defeat at the end of the match against Olympiakos (1-0), heralding a Champions League galley.

"I think that everything was decided on the first match, on this goal conceded at the very end of the game against Olympiakos", admitted AVB.

I'm going to sleep like this thinking back to this Champions League campaign.


- OM_Fada (@OM_Fadaaaaaa) December 9, 2020

And this C1 campaign will remain like that of the European record for 13 consecutive defeats, even if this team does not have much to do with it, as Villas Boas has repeatedly reminded us.

The very lucky victory against Olympiakos (doubled by Payet from the penalty spot) will remain the only clearing up, and especially the end of this downward spiral, on the European scene.

"Lots of difficult lessons"

The executives of the team have still not given satisfaction, like the start of the competition of Payet or the match of Thauvin on Wednesday night, as if he suffered a huge backlash from his injury.

The young shoots, Kamara and Cuisance, have played intermittently, and no striker has scored.

The only satisfaction, to be confirmed, is the young Pope Gueye who floated on Wednesday evening.

It is up to them to continue the good start to the season in Ligue 1, when the championship could be their only competition to play, the Coupe de France being very strongly threatened because of the Covid-19.

"We took a lot of difficult lessons, now we will move on, think about the championship to find the Champions League", has already projected the Portuguese coach.

“But to do better than this year,” he warned.

You surprise me.


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