Data map: Olympic elements can be seen everywhere in Tokyo, Japan.

  Chinanews client, December 10, according to Kyodo News Agency of Japan, as the International Olympic Committee recently issued regulations restricting the number of days that participants can stay in the Olympic Village, the number of athletes participating in the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games may also follow. reduce.

  According to reports, the International Olympic Committee President Bach recently announced that for the sake of epidemic prevention, the time limit for the Tokyo Olympic Games participants to stay in the Olympic Village is set within 5 days before the start of each competition to 48 hours (2 days) after the end.

Based on this analysis, athletes in track and field, wrestling and other events that start later may have difficulty participating in the opening ceremony.

  In addition, the report also stated that the International Olympic Committee also proposed to strictly limit the number of officials participating in the admission ceremony of the Olympic Games.

According to the report, there have been precedents for allowing officials to enter the stadium instead of athletes in the previous Olympics, but the Tokyo Olympics will not allow this to happen, and countries and regions must strictly abide by the "6 people" quota.