Every day, Anicet Mbida makes us discover an innovation that could well change the way we consume.

This Wednesday, he is interested in an invention of the startup NextMind which allows to control a remote computer thanks to the gaze.

Today's innovation will give us superpowers.

After buttons, touch screens and voice control, we will soon be able to control our devices only by thought.

Imagine: you are at home, you think very hard: "turn on the light" and it comes on.

On the computer, you write an email.

You focus: "Italic, underline, copy / paste" and it runs.

No need to click everywhere.

It has nothing to do with superpowers, it's a little headband that has just come out and that you put around your head.

It will analyze our brain activity and translate it into actions to control a computer, a phone or any device at home.

How it works ?

Can he read our minds?

No, it's less sophisticated than that: to start an action, you first have to look insistently at a very simple symbol or shape on the screen.

The headband will then decode the image directly in the brain and translate it into a command.

It's like pushing a button with a thought.

It's a bit confusing at first, it takes practice, but it works really well.

In addition, it is French technology developed by the startup NextMind.

And is it available?

Yes, but at the moment it's more for developers.

They must first adapt their applications to thought control.

Otherwise the device will be useless.

Today it only works with a few very simple games.

And commands like "change volume" or "skip to next track".

But if the technology develops, it could transform the way we interact with our devices.

The iPhone had popularized the touch screen.

Perhaps it is the French who will popularize thought control.