So far it has only been a competition weekend as a biathlete for Stina Nilsson, but now, four weeks after the debut, it is soon time again.

The Swedish Biathlon Federation will organize a competition at the ski stadium in Östersund on December 20-21, which Expressen was the first to report on.

The competition, which consists of two sprint competitions, is an opportunity to qualify for the World Cup.

- The skiers must be allowed to compete so we will organize their own competition for the elite skiers who want to show themselves before the IBU Cup and the World Cup.

The competition will be like an observation to see who may be eligible to go to the IBU and World Cup, says sports director Anna-Maria Uusitalo to SVT Sport.

"I have not felt any stress"

Nilsson's only biathlon competitions were the debut in Idre 14-15 November.

Then she finished eleventh in the sprint and 27th in the distance race.

There have been no more competitions for Nilsson because the IBU Cup, the level during the World Cup, has been canceled until the New Year due to the pandemic.

- I have not felt any stress that I have not competed this time.

I still have a lot to learn in training.

And we have also had competition-like elements in the training so I am happy with this period after Idre, says Stina Nilsson to Expressen.

A total of 20-25 female skiers and 20-25 male skiers will compete in Östersund.

- We have a ranking system that we have looked at a bit.

It is clear that it would have been fun if everyone who wanted to could join but it is not possible right now so we have drawn a line, says Uusitalo.

Nilsson's participation means a lot

She believes that the competition will be appreciated by the riders.

- They have trained all year and of course there are many who want to compete, so I think they are positive about arranging some form of race.

Many also want to compete internationally and then we must have something to base that competition on.

For the interest of the competition, what does it mean that Stina Nilsson is competing?

- It means a lot.

We have understood that she is exciting.

And of course she needs experience to compete so this will be a great opportunity for her.

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See how Stina Nilsson will fix the shooter