• Soccer. PSG - Istanbul, suspended for a racist incident: "Why do you call me 'black'?"

There were many goals but the image for the history of this match will be that of the

22 players

and the referee trio,

kneeling in the center circle

, united in a

gesture of unity against racism


We will see if it remains a perishable anecdote or represents a milestone in the fight against racial discrimination.

The two teams warmed up wearing a white shirt with the badges of both clubs and the slogan "

no to racism


The same one that UEFA broadcasts, badly stopped by the suspension of the meeting due to the racism of the fourth official who called

Pierre Webo


in the process of being




Parc des Princes

was as cold (3 degrees) as the night before.

The stands so empty.

Only difference, four banners with legends against racism and support for Webo.

The sorority party ended to the chords of "Together" by The Village People.

The essential change was, of course, in the refereeing team, led by the Dutch referee,

Danny Desmond Makkelie


The players imbued with camaraderie in the common struggle hardly gave him work.

PSG has alternated in this edition of the Champions nights of fireworks and petardazos.

Against Istanbul Basaksehir had good manners, a lot of touch and definition.

That is, goals (5-1).

Three by Neymar and two by Mbappé


Between Neymar and Mbappé

A victory due to the claw of Neymar.

The Brazilian claimed his status as the leading sword with another demonstration of power, play and leadership as in the previous day when PSG beat

Manchester United

at Old Traford (1-3).

With his three goals against the Turks he has 6 in this phase and 41 in the Champions League.

He opened the scoring with a shot from outside the area on a pass from



He did the second at the end of a counterattack led by



The triplet was another shot with the Turkish defense as wooden as a table football.

He also fought, pressed and dribbled.

The Neymar of the great nights.

Beside him,

Mbappé finally woke up


The forward who earns 1.9 million gross per month justified his salary with fast runs, unchecked, and two goals.

The first for a year in the top European competition.

It was released and penalty, caused by ... Neymar.

And it was completed thanks to a gift from

Di María


PSG need the player who accumulates more titles at his age than



You must now confirm your class when the serious things come, the playoffs.

We will see if then he is able to shake off the sanbenito of "

weak against the strong

" that Le Parisien dedicated to him.

Tuchel's future

Qualifying must save

Thomas Tuchel's



The German mister knows he is not wanted in Paris, as he confessed to a TV in his country.

He did not leave at the end of last season because his pupils reached the final of the Champions League, the highest milestone for this PSG made

from Qatari petrodollars


Despite the feat, the board did not offer to extend his contract.

Tuchel is fatal with the French media

and simply does not get along with Leonardo, the team's sports director who as a former player has more charisma than he.

Tuchel has been hurt by the absence of Verrati which causes the team to break in two.

And of course, his inventions.

Like putting Marquinhos in the center of the field and Danilo in the axis of the defense.

The players and the coach were shipwrecked.

In his natural position, the Brazilian has shown these two nights that he deserves the captain's armband.

Humble, mature and discreet,


has enough character to scold Mbappé if he escapes from going down to defend (it happened against Leipzig).

Add another serious night to his service record, brilliant at 26.

On him - and on the safety of


under sticks - PSG can begin to build, to be a team, something other than a cast of stars.

The former Real Madrid player was only beaten last night by rebounding in a goal that saves Turkish honor.

Resolved the base of the team, the franchise stars arranged in the lead, only the glue was missing.

Verrati brings seniority and muscle.

It is essential in this arrangement that he seeks to recover the ball quickly and in the opposite field.

Paredes and Rafinha

appeared beside him


Destruction and construction, respectively.

The Brazilian Hispanic, who arrived in October, hours before the market closed, is faced with the opportunity of a lifetime.

He is 27 years old and in Barcelona he accumulated assignments (two to Celta and one to Inter).

He came to Paris for three million euros in variable and 35% of a future resale.

Come on, almost free.

Starting for the first time, preferred to Di María, who replaced him at halftime, only distilled a few drops of that "

intelligence on the grass

" that Tuchel likes.

In his 45 minutes, Di María contributed more.

It is true that in front of an unarmed rival.

President Erdogan's team did not demonstrate anything on the field of play, giving the feeling of being satisfied with their extra sporting prominence.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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