Almost 22 hours after the abandoned Champions League game, they met again in the Parc des Princes in France's capital: the footballers from Paris Saint-Germain and the professionals from Basaksehir Istanbul.

They made two important statements against racism even before kick-off.

When warming up, the players of both teams and the team of referees wore T-shirts with the words "No To Racism" on them.

The Istanbul assistant coach Pierre Webo also appeared with the clear message on his chest.

The Cameroonian had received the red card on Tuesday evening, but was allowed to sit on the bench of the guests when the game continued after a decision by UEFA.

Pierre Webo

Source: AFP

Even more impressive than the worn T-shirts was a joint action right before kick-off at the center circle.

There the players knelt down side by side and raised a fist.

The gesture is considered an anti-racism symbol that was initiated by the US football professional Colin Kaepernick.


PSG players around Neymar (center) set a clear signal together with the Istanbul professionals

Source: AFP

Banners with messages against racism were hung in the stadium.

It read, among other things, "Support for M. Webo ... proud of the players ... against racism" and "Paris united against racism".

In addition, a banner with the logos of both clubs and the slogan "No to Racism" was displayed in the stands.

Coltescu scandal

Former Cameroonian international Webo saw the red card in the first half of the game on Tuesday.

It is said to have been a racist insult by the fourth official.


Sebastian Coltescu was accused of using a racist formulation for black people, which is now paraphrased in German with the term "N-word".

Both teams had left the pitch in protest.

The game was canceled.

Clear message in empty grandstand seats

Source: AFP

When the match resumed, another team of referees was on the pitch: the Dutchman Danny Makkelie led the game with a compatriot and two Polish assistants.

While the players made a clear statement against racism, Uefa failed to take a clear stance before the game and distance themselves from Coltescu's statements.

The European association only announced that it had appointed a commissioner for the investigation procedure.