Above all, it is about making the right tire choice.

- There are three keys to winning the rally.

Mountain driving, tire selection and start number.

But above all, you have to minimize mistakes and choose the right tire, says Jonas Kruse.

Mountain skiing can offer surprises.

Much depending on the weather.

Here the surface can vary from snow to rain and bare ground.

- The grip level in the tires changes all the time.

You can usually say that coming with asphalt tires on wet grass is like driving on ice with summer tires.

On Saturday, the longest distances of the rally are also run.

And then there is the risk that it will be even slippery.

If you make a meter wrong in the braking, it can be decisive, says Jonas Kruse.

"Has a huge responsibility"

In addition to the driver himself, there are some people who have key information when it comes to tire selection.

- Above all, it is about the team's meteorologist.

He has an extremely sweaty task and has a huge responsibility together with those who test drive the route and put the last changes in the notes, says Jonas Kru Däckvalen in the mountains can decide the rally see.

The last leg on Saturday will be run inside Monza's Formula 1 track.

You can see the broadcast in the player above.

Commentators: Maria Wallberg and Jonas Kruse.