Just over a month ago, the news came that Mattias Zachrisson, 30, is ending his career.

A stubborn shoulder injury put a stop to the handball star, who had wanted to round off his playing career in Guif at home in Eskilstuna.

But on Monday it was clear that Zachrisson would still return to Guif - as assistant coach to Zoran Roganovic.

Away against Alingsås, he made his first match on the bench.

It could have been more fun.

Nightmare start

Guif fell 21-29 after a nightmare start.

At half time, Alingsås had run away to a lead with nine balls, 17-6, after punishing the guests hard the first 30.

- We do not do what we should, said Guif player Rickard Åkerman to C More during the break.

- We fall into their traps, they have to keep their pace and we make stupid decisions that do not go home, the right wing continued.

"Not much is right"

The second half was smoother but Guif was never close to catching up.

The team now has three straight losses in the Handball League.

- There are many parts of the game that are not true.

We do not get up to level either backwards or forwards, and then it will be a tough match, says right-winger Erik Persson.

Mattias Zachrisson has made 128 international appearances and eight international championships as a senior for Sweden.

During the trip, it was, among other things, an Olympic silver and a European Championship silver for the right six in blue and yellow.

ARCHIVE: Zachrisson after the European Championship semi-finals 2018: "My best international match"

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Zachrisson after the European Championship semifinals 2018 - "My best international match"