Linköping started the season tentatively.

But the team now has three straight victories after 2-1 at home against the top team Rögle tonight.

And it was Broc Little who became a great match hero.

Markus Ljungh became the only goal scorer in the first period when he fixed 1-0 to the East Goths.

In the second period, it was time for Broc Little to find the net again.

The American, who scored two goals last against Malmö, scored 2-0 in powerplay in the second period.

Rögle sharp in powerplay - but did not succeed tonight

Rögle was the best in the series in powerplay before tonight.

But despite several chances in numerical superiority, the Skåne team did not manage to score a goal in that form of play.

The goal came in the end, when sniper Daniel Zaar fished up a return in front of goal to 1-2.

The goal shook after the little life in the match.

Little's goal was match winning.

For Linköping, after all, held off and won 2-1.

With the third straight victory, the team got some breathing space at the bottom of the table.

The team now has six points down to the team below the line.

- We missed a bit and we were not "all in", said Rögle's coach Cam Abbott after the match to C More.

- I got good help today.

The guys made it easy for me, said Linköping's goalkeeper Niklas Lundström after the match.