Image source: Official Weibo of the film's championship. client, December 3, according to the official Weibo of the movie "Win the Championship", directed by director Chen Kexin, Gong Li, Huang Bo, Wu Gang, Peng Yuchang, Bailang, and the Chinese women's volleyball team starring in the movie "Win the Championship" will represent Mainland China competed for the 93rd Oscar for Best International Film (formerly Best Foreign Language Film).

  Not long ago, the film won the best feature film, best screenwriter, and best photography at the 33rd Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards.

  The movie "Winning the Championship" shows the 40-year development of Chinese women's volleyball team and once again highlights the time-honored spirit of women's volleyball.

39 years ago, the Chinese women's volleyball team won the World Cup for the first time and crowned the world champion with a seven-match victory.

The Chinese women's volleyball team not only completed a historic breakthrough, but also opened the golden age of "five consecutive championships".

Today, the Chinese women's volleyball team has won 10 championship trophies in the world's three major competitions.

  Along with one after another world champions, the spirit of the women's volleyball team also shines with new vitality in the torrent of the times.

The movie "Win the Championship" gives fans of the younger generation an opportunity to learn more about the history of the Chinese women's volleyball team and the profound meaning behind these four words that transcend the boundaries of the times.

  For the Chinese, the Chinese women's volleyball team is no longer just a team.

As the movie said: "The Chinese Women's Volleyball Team is not you, not me, but us." (End)