On December 1, the issuance ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins (Group 1) co-sponsored by the People's Bank of China and the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee was held at the National Swimming Center.

This set of commemorative coins is issued by the People’s Bank of China and distributed by China Gold Coin Corporation. Each set of commemorative coins has a total of 9 commemorative coins, including 3 gold commemorative coins, 5 silver commemorative coins, and 1 gold and silver bimetal commemorative coin. The legal tender of the People's Republic.

This set of commemorative coins has fully implemented the Olympic concept of "green, shared, open, and clean" from project establishment to issuance, and achieved innovative breakthroughs in specifications, design, production, packaging, promotion and sales.

For example, the introduction of bimetallic specifications in sports-themed commemorative coins for the first time; the use of the "light-to-scale color" process for the first time to make the surface of the commemorative coins present multi-level light and shadow effects under different light conditions; uphold the concept of green sustainability, and the packaging is fully degradable Materials, etc.

  [Contemporary] Luo Rui, Director of the People's Bank of China Currency and Finance Bureau

  The front patterns of this set of commemorative coins are all the emblems of the 24th Winter Olympic Games, lining the Great Wall and snowflakes.

  (Ji Yunqi)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]