Screenshot of Ronaldo's social media. client, December 3rd, in the UEFA Champions League group match in the early morning of the 3rd, Juventus beat Dynamo Kyiv 3-0 at home.

In the game, Ronaldo scored 1 goal, which was the 750th goal in his career.

After the game, Ronaldo posted on social media to celebrate this achievement.

  Ronaldo wrote: "750 goals, 750 happy moments, and 750 smiles on the faces of the fans. Thank you to all the players and coaches who helped me reach this amazing number. Thanks to all the opponents for making me work harder and harder every day. More importantly, thanks to my beautiful family, they always support me no matter whether I am in trouble or not. The next goal, 800 goals, work hard."

Ronaldo scored the 750th goal in his career.

  In the game of the day, Juventus took the lead in the 21st minute, Alex Sandro made a pass and Chiesa nodded and scored.

In the 31st minute, Ronaldo pushed, but hit the crossbar.

  In the second half, Chiesa broke into the penalty area and crossed from the right. Morata shot in front of the goalkeeper. Ronaldo outflanked the goal line and scored his 750th career goal.

In the 66th minute, Morata shot into the net with a shovel, securing the victory for Juventus.

In the end, Juventus defeated their opponent 3:0.

  According to statistics, Ronaldo’s 750 goals are distributed as: 5 goals for Portuguese sports, 118 goals for Manchester United, 450 goals for Real Madrid, 75 goals for Juventus, and Portugal national team. 102 balls.