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Real Madrid and Atlético will reach the last day of the Champions League, next Wednesday, with the

calculator in hand


The accounts they care about will not only be the points they need to get through the group stage, but also the revenue they bring to the clubs.

A win in the next day would mean for the two teams an immediate 12 million euros.

In another year marked by the enormous losses that the pandemic is assuming, falling at the first of change

In the Champions League it would be losing their best lifeline today. If they were eliminated for the first time in the group stage, Real Madrid would earn 8.8 million less than last year.

The difference is very small because they only reached the round of 16 (they fell to Manchester City) and

the juiciest part of the booty

he's in the playoffs.

To get a better idea, with the current income system, in 2018 (the year of their last title, defeating Liverpool at the Kiev Olympic) the whites would have earned at least 55 million more than they did then.

The hole would be more evident for Atlético, who reached the quarter-finals last season: if they fell in the group stage, they would go from about 93.5 million last year to, at most, 63.2.

Almost 30 million less from one year to another. The Champions League teams are guaranteed a generous cushion just for participating.

Each club that takes part in the group stage receives a fixed € 15.2 million and an even larger pinch according to the UEFA coefficient of the last 10 seasons.

Real Madrid receives 35.4 million as number one and Atlético de Madrid, which is fourth, corresponds to 32.1.

In total, the two had fastened between 47 and 50 kilos.

But in the Champions,

performance is very well paid



In the group stage, each team receives 2.7 million for each victory and 900,000 euros for each draw.

Curiously, to date both Real Madrid and Atlético have lost the same compared to last year: 3.6 million.


the jackpot

They are the qualifying rounds: going to the second round is 9.5 million more, hence a victory next week is worth 12.2.

The ticket to rooms is another 10.5;

the semi-final, another 12;

the final, another 15;

and win it, another 7.5 (4 for the title and 3.5 for getting into the Super Cup).

In total, some 50 million await on the horizon, it is a trail of millions that would join the television rights, sponsorships, match days, the exploitation of the stadium ... Losses on more losses: Real Madrid announced this Wednesday that only last season the pandemic meant 106 million euros less in income and a bite of 300 million in the budget for this course.To those income for the purely sports in the Champions League we must add the call

Market bag


market pool

), a game that is distributed among the teams in each country based on the size of the television market.

The game is divided into two: half according to the position in which they finished the previous season in the League, and another half according to the games they play.In 2019, the last year for which there is published data,

this bag had 60.8 million

for Spanish teams.

Using the same criteria, Real Madrid would correspond 17.5 and Atlético, 11.4.

In this case, the whites would win because they qualified as League champions, but each less game means an extra 900,000 euros for Spanish teams.


As reported

The Times

In October, UEFA estimated that its club competitions lost some € 565 million last season to the pandemic.

Between the suspended and postponed matches, and the compensation to televisions and sponsors, he disappeared

22% of the budget


To soften the blow, the agency plans to spread the losses over five years.

The prizes will drop by about 4%, but the candy is still very sweet. And how do the teams get to this economic challenge?

Well, in a different way.

Real Madrid does not do it with the best of their faces.

The Champions League day ended celebrating the goals of


, because the triumph of Inter allows him to depend on himself and gives a minimum truce to



The slowdown in play and the poor results have undermined the confidence in the French coach between the management and the dressing room, although he still has the support of the captain.

But, after the hot night of Tuesday, there is no room for a swerve and the club rules out taking a rough decision before welcoming the Germans, so everyone is aware that the reaction is in their hands. The situation is very different in Atlético de Madrid, where, despite the lack of punch that he accuses with the absence of

Luis Suarez

, the team has chained nine games without losing and grows every week.

The rojiblancos are the most attractive candidate for the league title and in the Champions League, despite some unexpected setback, no one doubts the move to the second round.

With a draw in Salzburg it is worth them to seal the ticket and a pinch of the loot.

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