First victory of the season in the Champions League for OM and Dimitri Payet.


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  • Olympique de Marseille won its first victory in the Champions League on Tuesday evening, against Olympiakos (2-1).

  • Led against the course of the game, the Marseillais turned the situation around in the second half with a generous second penalty.

  • A victory that allows them to continue to dream of the Europa League, for that it will be necessary to achieve a better result than the Greeks next week for the last day of the Champions League.

At the Velodrome stadium,

"She arrived late, but she has finally arrived."

Relief for André Villas Boas and Olympique de Marseille, who finally won their first match (2-1) of the season in the Champions League against Olympiakos.

OM thus put an end to a series of 13 straight defeats, a sad record that spanned almost 10 years, it should be remembered.

“The most important thing was winning and getting out of this series.

We can't do anything about the past but we had to stop this series and it happened.

This victory is coming and it is important for everyone and for confidence, ”savored the Portuguese coach.

"If we had shown that face from the start ..."

A pleasure shared by Payet, with some bitterness notes.

“Obviously we are happy, we put an end to a rather long black series.

But if we had shown that face from the start, we might not have been able to take useful points and we might be fighting for something other than the Europa League today, ”recalled the number 10.

Payet has scored more goals than mbappe, Ronaldo gathered this season in ldc but you dare to think he will not have the next golden ball

- Basile Bilo (@basilebilo) December 1, 2020

But let's put it into perspective, because OM could still have scuttled Tuesday night against Olympiakos.

Rather domineering, although not very effective in the opposing half of the field, the Olympians were punished by a superb sequence from Camara (33rd).

After that, no one saw OM turn the situation around.

“This goal from Camara was another big blow for us.

We were good, we had possession and it was hard to be led at the break.

With this series, taking a goal when you have mastered it is hard.

But the reaction made me very happy, ”said André Villas Boas.

"There is not enough respect towards this team"

Because yes, for the first time this season in the Champions League, OM has shown character, and also a lot of luck with these two goals awarded by the Var.

The first (54th), caused after a good sequence of Thauvin, was no doubt, the second (74th) is frankly generous.

But they have both been transformed, each time in the glasses, by Dimitri Payet.

Another sign, after his completely harvested peno in Porto (3-0 defeat).

I think we all agree that VAR is the best thing that ever existed in football history?

- Radonjitch (@NemaRadonjitch) December 1, 2020

And if OM can still qualify for the Europa League, in case of a better result than Olympiakos next week, André Villas Boas recalled his still well-distilled truths.

“It's been seven years since OM last played in this competition.

We managed to qualify, we received a lot of lessons but we have to calm down.

We are not the Real.

We assumed our responsibility, we were not up to par.

But we gained experience.

I find that there is not enough respect for this team, ”he regretted.

It is up to him and his men to be respected, and it will take more character, next week for OM's last chance to qualify for the Europa League against Manchester City.


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