Norway has already done so.

Now Sweden follows in the same footsteps as the neighboring country and thus it is finalized in the World Cup for the rest of the year.

- I am surprised that the decision comes so soon after the premiere in Ruka.

I think that Fis and the countries should have been able to act earlier.

It was a troubled corona situation already a month ago.

You should have asked yourself earlier how you could compete in a safe way, says Jacob Hård.

"Very boring"

The expert Anders Blomquist fills in:

- It is very sad, but it is difficult to have views on the decision.

As I see it, it is the travel that is an increased risk.

But at the same time, Charlotte Kalla was probably infected at home.

It is difficult to assess where the risk is greatest.

In Sweden or in an elite bubble where everyone is gathered, says Anders Blomquist.

"Tap on the elite side"

Should you cancel the entire season?

- It depends on the medical assessment and how the epidemic develops.

It depends on the state of health.

What does this mean for cross-country skiing as a sport?

- It will be a loss on the elite side.

But the risk is that there will be 1.5 lost years on the youth side and that you will then lose many talented talents.

If you cancel the entire season, there is a risk that you will do something else.

KLIPP: The national team doctor: "It was an extremely difficult decision"

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The national team doctor: "It was an extremely difficult decision" Photo: Bildbyrån