The second stage of the CBA League restarts.

Image source: CBA League Weibo

  Chinanews client, Beijing, December 2 (Reporter Li He) After a 17-day break, just today, CBA is back.

  The 17-day period does not sound short.

But in the face of the 65-day fierce battle in the upcoming second stage, this time will not be long.

Although due to the adjustment of the International Basketball League schedule, there was no news about Chinese basketball in the international arena during this offseason, but when the eyes turned to the domestic league, after this short offseason, the CBA arena again Upgrade the competition.

  Everything that stirs up waves is related to the word "return".

  In the latest injury report released by the CBA official on November 30, the name of Abu Du Saramu finally disappeared.

Counting from the injury and leaving the game on December 25, 2019, he has been away from the game for a full 343 days on the day the second stage of the league began.

And his name was erased from the injury list by league officials, which also means that Abdul Saramu will come back in the second stage of the CBA after nearly a year away from the stadium.

The latest CBA injury report no longer has the name of Abdul Saramu.

  In fact, there was news a week ago that Abu Du Saramu had been training with the Xinjiang team.

As the new captain of the Xinjiang team this season, the influence of the "domestic alphabet brother" on the Xinjiang men's basketball team is self-evident.

  Although the defender problem has always been a stubborn problem for the Xinjiang Men’s Basketball Team, in the first stage of the game, due to the absence of foreign aid and the departure of the off-season player Yu Changdong, the Xinjiang team reappeared in the case of Zhou Qi’s injury Insufficient situation.

From sophomore rookie Qi Lin, to Tang Caiyu, who was forced to play intermittently in the fourth position, to Repkatijiang who only played two games last season, the Xinjiang team tried a variety of methods, but did not find a solution. .

  Under the ups and downs, they only ranked sixth in the league in the first stage.

And now, with Abu Du Saramu coming back soon, they will also usher in a perfect solution.

The return of the national team forward will allow the "Flying Tigers" to return to the familiar inside configuration, and after several newcomers who have been experienced in the first stage return to the bench, this will give the Xinjiang team more choices in the inside.

Xinjiang officials announced that Motel joined.

Image source: Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tiger Basketball Club

  What's more, after the restart of the second stage, the Xinjiang team, which has been playing in the all-China class, will welcome the addition of strong foreign aid-two days before the restart of the league, the Xinjiang team officially signed a contract with Motai Yunas.

This has played in 113 CBA games and averaged 24.6 points, 13.4 rebounds, 3.4 assists and 1.7 steals per game. This not only further strengthens Xinjiang's internal strength, but also upgrades the overall competitiveness of the team.

"Tianshan Flying Tiger" may usher in an outbreak in the second stage, launching an impact on the league's first group.

  It is not only Motel that will return to CBA in the second stage.

  According to media reports, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the first stage of the league, even if foreign aid who has been infected with the new crown virus in the past has recovered, it does not mean that they can register for the competition.

According to news, at least 7 foreign players were unable to register for the competition due to this problem in the first stage, including Shanxi’s Morand, Qingdao’s Dakari Johnson, Beijing’s Andrew Harrison, and Guangsha. Team Wilson Chandler and Jilin Team Jones.

Data map: Moreland played on behalf of Shanxi last season.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wei Liang

  However, during the offseason, news pointed out that the CBA company has informed the teams that foreign players who were previously seropositive can register in the second stage after meeting the corresponding conditions.

  On the evening of the 1st, the Shanxi team officially announced that Moreland had successfully registered and officially returned to the Shanxi team.

Among the documents they released, Wilson Chandler of Guangsha and Devin Williams, who also failed to play for Kendia because of positive serum antibodies, were also registered.

  This means that several other foreign players with similar situations will also have the opportunity to complete the "return" in the second stage of the game.

And their return will also bring the overall competitiveness of the league's second echelon to a higher level.

The foreign aid registration review results announced by the Shanxi team.

  Among them, Jilin's Dominic Jones is the core of the team's tactics.

In the first stage of the game, the Jilin team has been among the top four in the league with the firepower of the local "tridents" Jiang Yuxing, Jiang Weize and Dai Huaibo.

Once Jones returns, they may also bring more surprises.

  As the "head" in the first stage of the league, the Liaoning team completed the lineup strengthening before the start of the second stage and announced the addition of powerful foreign aid Simmons, which is also regarded as their targeted reinforcement for the shortcomings of the striker.

Now that they are temporarily ranked first in the league, their goal in the second stage is undoubtedly to keep their current position, but now Guangdong and Zhejiang are not the only ones watching behind them.

  After a series of "returns" during the offseason, the second-tier players all want to show off.