With Kevin Escoffier on board his ship, Jean Le Cam got back into the race.

He lost four places in the general classification but he will receive, like the other three skippers confused to help their friend, compensation in time once the finish line has been crossed. 

The end of endless anguish.

Skipper Kevin Escoffier was rescued overnight from Monday to Tuesday by another Vendée Globe sailor, Jean Le Cam, off the Cape of Good Hope.

Kevin Escoffier had triggered his distress beacon Monday afternoon, after seeing his boat "break in two" against a wave.

He then took refuge on his life raft, waiting for someone to come to his aid.

Once the skipper was in a safe place, the race immediately resumed and the four sailors diverted to help Kevin Escoffier set off again in the direction of the longitude of the Cape of Good Hope.

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Jean Le Cam must hold the bar alone

In keeping with the spirit of the Vendée Globe, which is a solo race, Kevin Escoffier must not take part in any maneuver on board.

He can talk to his rescuer but is not allowed to participate in the smooth running of the boat.

As for food, he can draw from the daily rations on board. 

The time of the rescue operation deduced from the final stopwatch

In addition, the four skippers diverted for the rescue operation will receive time compensation.

Concretely, every second spent between the moment when they were diverted and the moment when they were notified to resume the race will be deducted from their final time on the finish line.

But for now, the rescue has upset the top ranking of the race: Jean Le Cam is thus in seventh position and lost three places. 


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Organize the landing of Kevin Escoffier

And it could fall further in the standings with the landing of Kevin Escoffier, because it is not possible for a duo to finish the race.

The separation could take place on December 7, north of the Kerguelen Islands, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

This is where a French army frigate could welcome Kevin Escoffier on board.

The crew of the military vessel usually responsible for monitoring the French fishing grounds in this region offered to recover the Malouin. 

We will have to wait for the final classification

Once again alone on his ship, Jean Le Cam will then be able to set off again towards the finish line.

The classification of the 2020 edition will therefore be delayed, since it will be necessary to wait until the time of the rescue is taken into account in the chronometer of the competitors concerned to find out.  

As a reminder, during the 2008-2009 edition, Vincent Riou obtained third place in the general classification despite a retirement three weeks before the end of the race.

24 hours after rescuing Jean Le Cam, he dismasted off Chile.