• The miracle of Romain Grosjean: from the protective halo to his 27 seconds between the flames

  • Terrible accident, Rosjean comes out alive in the flames

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When the world of Formula 1 continues to be overwhelmed by the images of the very serious accident he suffered this Sunday in Sakhir

Romain Grosjean

and celebrates the saving role played by the halo and the very rapid intervention of the medicalized car and the stewards, the wife of the driver,

Marion Grosjean

, wanted to share his feelings on his social networks.

"Obviously, I didn't sleep that night. And to be honest, I'm not sure what to write to him. I just know it's okay to do so. It has always helped me. Anyway ... I'm not going to lie to you, this morning the words don't come out easily. It will make you laugh, he who knows how talkative I am, "began the journalist's post on her Instagram account.

"And then I didn't know what to post as a photo either. What image to keep from yesterday? The one with the flames? His, held up at arm's length by his rescuers? The wreckage of his car? I put this one a little stupidly. Because we both wear the same GP2 title jersey. Which I still sleep in sometimes. I would have preferred it to have the word "superhero" instead of "champion", but if necessary, we will tailor one for the kids, because that way we explain the inexplicable. "

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"On Twitter, late, I published some urgent words ... I mentioned the" shield of love "that had protected him. Today we will have to look for other formulas, invent other sensitive phrases, express feelings. We will find them together," says the woman from the pilot, who had words of gratitude for all those who helped her husband: "the men of the medical car", "Jean Todt" and "all of you, who have shown your support, your affection, your kindness".

And the most emotional part: "Thanks to

Jules Bianchi's


; to his father Philippe, whom I keep thinking about. To Jules himself. To

Kevin Magnussen

for his words. To the Canal + teams for their delicacy. I will forget some , forgive me. Thanks to our children, who brought him out of the fire. Thanks to his courage, his relentlessness, his strength, his love, his physical training, which probably also kept him alive (

Kim, Dan

, I love you guys). No it took one miracle, it took several yesterday. I kiss you, "concluded Marion Grosjean's letter.

Meanwhile, her husband continues his good evolution at the Bahrain Defense Force hospital, from which he could leave this Tuesday.

"Romain received a visit from Günther Steiner, the director of Haas, and is scheduled to leave the hospital on Tuesday, December 1," the Haas team published in a statement.

The pilot continues his convalescence and "the treatment of the burns on the back of his hands is going well."

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