What's next for Joachim Löw?

This week the top of the DFB expects the results of his analysis of the 0: 6 in Spain and the past two years from the national coach.

Before the presidium of the German Football Association wants to decide on the future of the national team on Friday, Löw should be heard personally in a clarifying conversation.

According to reports, this meeting was not supposed to take place until Tuesday.

But now it became known that the crisis summit at the DFB headquarters has been running since Monday afternoon.

Not only the timing, but also the number of participants is surprising.

In addition to the national coach, association boss Fritz Keller, vice Peter Peters and DFB director Oliver Bierhoff were announced.


In addition to these three, Löw rather friendly men, two other people took part in the conversation: the more critical voices Rainer Koch (DFB vice) and Stephan Osnabrügge (treasurer).

Thus, of the voting members from the DFB Presidential Committee, only the general secretary Friedrich Curtius, who is on sick leave, is missing.

The decisive course should be set

This larger summit could mean that Löw's future will be decided on Monday, as everyone who is at the DFB about important personalities is present.

At the very least, however, the decisive course should be set.

Löw only talks in the preliminary meeting anyway.

In the session on Friday, if it is still taking place at all, Bierhoff should present the analysis of the athletic performance and a corresponding outlook to the entire presidium.

This meeting would be held via video conference.

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