client, November 29th. The World Table Tennis Professional League (WTT) Macau Station competition ended on the 29th.

In the first women's singles final that day, Chinese player Sun Yingsha defeated teammate Chen Xingtong 5:1 and won the first championship of the WTT tournament.

In the men's singles final, Malone defeated his teammate Wang Chuqin 5:1.

The national table tennis team took the top two in each individual event in this Macau tournament and ended their debut in the WTT series.

  WTT World Table Tennis Federation was founded by the International Table Tennis Federation, aiming to take the sport to a whole new level by breaking through the presentation of table tennis events.

After months of planning, the WTT World Table Tennis Federation finally made its debut in Macau.

  Liu Guoliang, chairman of the WTT Council, said before the game, “The Macau Games will be an unprecedented table tennis event. We clearly understand how much the star players look forward to starting this new journey with us and looking forward to giving them Bring a new experience."

  The new scoring rules are officially part of the "unprecedented" part of Liu Guoliang's discourse.

For example, for the battle of the top 4 seeds, the game will be played in 5 games and 3 wins, each with 5 points, and after 4 draws, one point wins, which makes every point in the game extremely critical.

Another example is the finals, where the nine-game five-win system was used for the first time, which also brought a whole new experience to everyone.

  The competition is divided into two events, men's singles and women's singles. The players are the top 16 players in the world.

National Ping Pong is also a team of many famous players, not only led by Malone, who is in good shape recently, but also Ding Ning, a Grand Slam winner who has not participated in the competition for a long time.

  In the end, Ma Long, Wang Chuqin, Sun Yingsha and Chen Xingtong will play in the men's and women's singles finals respectively.

  In the women's singles final that started on the 29th, Sun Yingsha defeated Chen Xingtong 5:1 and won the first championship of the WTT World Table Tennis Federation.

The scores of each round are: 11:10, 11:8, 11:6, 9:11, 11:6, 11:4.

  Regarding this final, Sun Yingsha said: "The previous few games have always felt that I am in a normal state. In the finals, I told myself to enjoy the game and play at the best level. Chen Xingtong has made great progress. Her patience and ability to make no mistakes on the court. I need to learn more."

  In the men's singles final, Malone defeated teammate Wang Chuqin 5:1 (11:5, 11:9, 11:4, 11:5, 10:11, 11:8) and won another international championship after the ITTF finals. The champion of the event.

The national table tennis team also finished with a record of winning the championship and runner-up in each individual event in Macau.