client, November 29th, on the 28th local time, the 2020 Snooker British Championship began the second round of competition.

Many Chinese players played that day. Defending champion Ding Junhui lost to David Grace 5-6. Lu Haotian, Yan Bingtao, Zhao Xintong and others also stopped with regret. Chang Bingyu, Chen Zifan, Li Xing, Zhou Yuelong, Xiao Guodong, Xu Si, etc. People advance to the next round.

Data map: Ding Junhui in the competition Picture source: Visual China

  The British Championship is one of the three traditional snooker tournaments. It will be held in Milton Keynes from November 23rd to December 6th. This is also the first time the tournament has settled here.

Regarding the competition system, all the games before the finals will use 11 games with 6 wins, and the finals will use 19 games with 10 wins.

  Ding Junhui, now ranked tenth in the world, has won the British Championship three times and this year he also played as the defending champion.

In the second round, his opponent was David Grace, who recently reached the semi-finals at the Northern Ireland Open.

  In the game, Ding Junhui once took a 5:3 lead, but was reversed by his opponent for 3 consecutive rounds, and finally missed the next round.

Grace said after the game that Ding Junhui is not in the best condition, but even so, he must do his best to think about the possibility of winning.

  After the game, Ding Junhui once again expressed his concern that the audience may enter the live game.

The World Snooker Federation has previously announced that after the British Championships, the Scottish Open and the World Grand Prix will still be closed, and the 2021 Snooker Masters in January next year is expected to welcome no more than 1,000 spectators. field.

Ding Junhui also admitted that he has not yet decided whether to participate in the Masters.

  In the other games of the day, Xiao Guodong defeated Luka Bressel 6-5, Zhou Yuelong defeated Jimmy White 6-1, Lu Haotian lost to Anthony McGill 5-6, Chen Zifan defeated Yan Bingtao 6-5, Li Xing 6-3 Defeated Zhao Xintong, Xu Si defeated Oliver Lanes 6:1, and Chang Bingyu defeated Mark Allen 6-5.