Ahmed bin Muhammad: The homelands are elevated by the sacrifices of their children and their gifts and achievements


His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the National Olympic Committee, affirmed that the Commemoration Day is an important national occasion in which the people of the Emirates commemorate the heroes who sacrificed their lives in the fields of honor while answering the call of duty, striking the finest examples of sacrifice and redemption, as a commitment to the UAE's established stances in uphold The word of truth, standing next to its companions, and loyalty to their homeland, who were guided by spirit and blood in order that its banner would always remain raised as a symbol of the dignity, pride and honor of its people.

His Highness said in a speech on the occasion of Commemoration Day: “Homelands are elevated by the sacrifices of their sons, and are promoted by their gifts and achievements .. We recall on this day the line tournaments in which our righteous martyrs with their pure blood are a venerable epic, in which they affirmed the depth of the nation’s belonging to its soil, and their readiness at every moment to be generous with the most precious thing they possess In order to ward off risks, preserve its capabilities and preserve its gains.

He added: “With our observance of the Day of the Martyr on this day every year, we exchange loyalty, and we affirm that this noble value that we were brought up on will always preserve our homeland that it has raised, and confirm that the giving that the people of the Emirates gives is not in vain, but is preserved. In the consciousness of this nation ».

His Highness saluted the mothers of the martyrs, and said that what they showed of steadfastness in the face of the separation of their heart was the best proof of the cohesion and cohesion of the Emirati society, and the solidity of its structure, and showed the authentic metal of this generous people who wrapped their leadership with all loyalty and affiliation, and the determination to devote themselves to consolidating The foundations of the glory and elevation of the homeland

His Highness expressed sincere appreciation and praise to the heroes of our valiant armed forces, for the responsibility they bear on protecting the homeland and standing in the face of the dangers that may befall it.

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