Chinanews client, November 29, Doha, Qatar, local time on the 28th, the AFC Champions League group match continued.

In Group G, Guangzhou Evergrande defeated Kobe Victory Ship 2:0 and won the key battle to qualify.

In Group H, Shanghai SIPG defeated Yokohama Mariners 2:1 and temporarily ranked first in the group.

  For Guangzhou Evergrande, which won twice in the AFC Champions League, this year's group stage started not smoothly.

Limited by Malaysia's local epidemic prevention policy, the Johor DT club, which was in the same group as Evergrande, eventually retired, so there are actually only 3 teams in Group G.

Image source: Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club official Weibo

  Before this battle, the Kobe Victory Ship ranked first in the group with 6 points, while Guangzhou Evergrande and Suwon Samsung both had only 1 point.

If Evergrande wants to qualify, the rest of the game must not be missed.

Fortunately, in the match against the Kobe Victory Ship on the 28th, Evergrande has shown a recovery trend.

  Taking advantage of the opportunity of two set kicks, Evergrande took a two-goal lead in the first half: First, in the 16th minute, Taliska was brought down by Bowen Watanabe in the penalty area. The referee called a penalty kick, and Taliska did it himself. A knife hit broke the deadlock on the court; then in the 34th minute, Exon took a free kick from the outside of the penalty area and hit the dead corner of the goal to help the team expand its lead.

  Easy side to fight again, the lagging Kobe Victory ship dominated the ball and the scene, but it was unable to convert the goal.

In the end, Evergrande won 2:0, won the critical battle, and temporarily ranked second in the group.

In the next game against Suwon Samsung, Evergrande also has to fight for victory.

Image source: Shanghai SIPG Football Club official Weibo

  Shanghai SIPG in Group H defeated Yokohama Mariners 2:1 in this round and temporarily ranked first in the group.

In the 14th minute of the first half, Chen Binbin crossed and assisted Cai Huikang to take the lead.

But in the 21st minute, Yokohama Mariners equalized the score.

Zhongchuan Huiren crossed in front of the goal on the right side of the penalty area. Onawu made a push. Although goalkeeper Chen Wei touched the ball, he failed to resolve the danger and the score came to 1:1.

  The goal that killed the game appeared in the 55th minute.

Taking advantage of an opportunity for a sideline kick, Lopez scored the ball and completed a collision with Oscar. After that, Lopez shot into the penalty area and scored the goal. Shanghai SIPG exceeded it again by 2:1 and maintained the advantage to the end.

  After scoring the key three points, SIPG temporarily ranked first in the group.

Head coach Pereira said after the game, “Our players have won the game through hard work and hard work. This is a very important three-pointer. I am very satisfied with the players’ performance and our defense has done a great job in the game. In place."

  Captain Cai Huikang also said that the team is fully prepared to deal with difficulties and will play better in the next game.