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The penalty is a pandemic in Madrid, but it is not the only one of its evils.

Five in three games, and the worst thing is that it is difficult to invoke black hands in those actions, because most of them belong to their defenses.

The same does not happen with the suffered, such as the pulling of hair to Marcelo in the opposite area.

It was not only a penalty, but an assault that went incomprehensibly unpunished in VAR times.

This tool must be refined as much as the game of Madrid, less undermined by injuries than by imbalances, because these are not a problem of names but of collective work, in which Alavés was better.

The biggest mistake was not exactly a junior: Courtois.

[Narration and statistics: 1-2]

After the hands of Lucas Vázquez and Sergio Ramos, against Valencia, it was Nacho's turn.

Something must be remembered in there.

The rest is losing energy and concentration, which is what caused the maximum penalty for many minutes, with Madrid dazed and overcome until it found the speed it needs to bring vertigo to the opposite area.

Then, in the final stretch of the first half, he lacked what he longs for so much: hit.

The sum of the penalties has a statistical trap, and that is that three arrived in the same match, against Valencia.

Guiness thing, not football.

However, the subsequent succession, in Villarreal and, yesterday, in Valdebebas, points to an endemic evil.

Countering it is for this Madrid an Everest because it is no longer the same as before, in which the goals sprouted like mushrooms in autumn.

We are facing a rainfed Madrid, which, in addition, injuries accumulate.

Benzema's was joined during the match by Hazard's in the first half of the game.

The trident of Madrid from that moment on was Asensio-Mariano-Rodrygo.

Very pubescent.

Mariano hunted centers but always directed the shots where Pacheco was, who has, among others, the virtue of position.

Asensio was lukewarm, in line with the entire season, and Rodrygo did not have the brilliant entry that blessed him in Milan.

The situation was different, with a worse rival but ahead on the scoreboard and very well organized.

Pablo Machín's team was there from the beginning, with a clear plan of what they wanted to do.

It is no coincidence that Valdebebas added his sixth game without losing.

He overturned the game on the left, where Lucas Vázquez and Asensio were, a winger with less help, given the low tone of the Spaniard.

Asensio was the first of ZZ's voluntary changes, after Hazard's obligatory.

The Belgian, who had a muscle problem, is worrying: 28 of 65 games since his arrival at Madrid.

Luis Rioja, deep, looked to face Lucas Vázquez again and again, a fact that caused numerous corners, a key weapon for Alavés.

Apart from how hard Machín works on strategy plays, set pieces more equalize the teams than the game, where quality prevails.

From a corner the penalty was born.

The return of the launch found Nacho's arm.

Lucas Pérez did not hesitate.

The situation altered the nervous system of Madrid, at the mercy of an Alavés who could anticipate the sentence in a hand-to-hand of Lucas Pérez himself against Courtois.

The Belgian sensed his Vaseline.

The worrying thing was the reason why the forward had planted in that place, due to a bad reading of Kroos.

It took Madrid, who abused the centers, to find the ball speed that could compromise Alavés.

Pacheco then responded in a big way, especially in a double intervention after the only failure of his defense.

Kroos played it twice instead of passing Mariano and both missed, blind.

Hazard, for his part, tried it out and was eligible for a penalty before injuring himself and leaving.

The break allowed Alavés to rebuild, although in a very different dynamic at the beginning.

Madrid returned with the same intentions, but their inaccuracies were stronger, specifically one.

Varane gave a fair transfer to Courtois, who erred in the exit of the ball.

Joselu, who had done an invaluable job lowering balls, won the award.

Zidane used everything he had, even Isco or Vinicius, turning the game into an exchange of blows, but Madrid only had one left, by Casemiro, and the mirage of a stick, before their third defeat.

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