The death of an Iraqi player during a football match

The Interim Commission for the Iraqi Football Association announced yesterday the death of a football player during his team’s match in the First Division League, as a result of suffering a heart attack during the match.

The authority stated in a statement, "The player of the Al-Sulaikh team, Sajjad Ali, suffered a sudden fall on the field without any friction or competition for the ball in the last ten minutes of his team's match against Basmaya team in the first division matches (second level)."

"The player was required to be transferred immediately to a hospital, but he died there as a result of a heart attack, according to medical examinations," the statement added.

The temporary committee decided to declare mourning for three days and to observe a minute of silence before the Saturday matches scheduled in the fifth phase of the Iraq Football Championship to mourn the spirit of the player.

This is the first death of a football player during matches in football competitions in Iraq, according to the Director of the Media Office of the Interim Authority Youssef Faal.

The head of the temporary body, Iyad Bunyan, mourned the death of the young player, saying, "We express our condolences to the football circles and the family of the deceased player for the passing away of a young football talent."

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