Strasbourg congratulate themselves after the opening of the score of Thomasson.

They behaved as a team on Friday against Rennes.



  • Strasbourg won the draw against Rennes on Friday night at La Meinau (1-1).

  • This point does not necessarily do their accounting business but it does them good after nine defeats in eleven days.

  • Especially since the Alsatians have shown great solidarity and a certain courage to achieve this result.

At the Meinau stadium,

“On the head in the 92nd minute, I closed my eyes.

»Thierry Laurey did not want to see that.

Improbable defeats, forgotten penalties, gross errors ... The coach of RC Strasbourg had already had his doses of disappointment this season to inflict another on Friday night at La Meinau.

Except this time, his team got away with it!

Rennais Léa-Sliki missed the target on this final attempt and the Alsatians held the draw until the end (1-1).

To grab a 7th point this season.

Precious or insufficient in view of the club's current 19th place?

“It will only be a good point if we confirm the next weekend in Nantes,” says Adrien Thomasson, before being less Cartesian.

"It could be a click ..."

💬 "A new state of mind"

🎥 Adrien's reaction #Thomasson #RCSASRFC (1-1) ⤵️

- RC Strasbourg Alsace (@RCSA) November 28, 2020

The evening scorer (24th) relies on several observations to advance.

First that of a first successful period.

Faced with a Stade Rennais admittedly very limited in its ideas, Racing has shown that it knows how to play football.

With full-axis percussion, well-sent crosses and movement, the Alsatians deserved to lead at half-time (1-0).

But they had made things difficult for themselves just before the break, when Mitrovic had come to dry up Guirassy who was rushing to goal.

Logical red card (40th) and second suffering period to come.

It was with Rennes ultra-dominating and returned to the score on the hour of play (Hunou, 60th, 1-1).

But, and this is a novelty this season, the Strasbourg people then did not crack.

Sissoko "heroic" in defense

In conditions, moreover, not very favorable ... Koné and Djiku injured, it is the usual midfielder Sissoko who retreated in defense to compensate for the expulsion.

“He was heroic,” admires Thomasson, who also wanted to retain “the newfound state of mind” of his team.

“We proved that we were united, that the group was living well and that we were all united in these bad times.


Understood, with the coach too.

Threatened with dismissal in the event of a bad result against the Bretons, Thierry Laurey could see that his players had not let go.

"I had no doubts," replied the person after the game, before admitting his "pride" in front of the match made by his group.

“We have to congratulate the boys.

They showed a positive mentality […] This match proved that we continued to move forward.


Towards other victories and a possible rise in the rankings?

Racing is still very far from it this morning, still penultimate.

But the schedule for the next few days (Nantes, Metz, Angers, Bordeaux) could allow him to recover completely.

“It's up to us to make a series […] We showed that we were a team that needed to get its ass on the ground to take points, that's going to be it every weekend,” concludes Adrien Thomasson.


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