José Mourinho and Diego Maradona in 2009. -


Tottenham coach José Mourinho on Friday praised the memory of Diego Maradona, who died Wednesday at the age of 60, praising the "big heart" of the Argentine, who called him after each defeat to bring him back. moral, he said.

“I spent the day today telling my guys stories about him and the time we spent together.

I'm going to miss this guy, ”Mourinho told BT Sport.

"In difficult times, he was always there"

“What I'm going to miss the most is the phone call I got after every loss.

He didn't call me after the wins because he knew I didn't need it.

But in difficult times, he was always there.

After the defeats, he said to me: "Mo, don't forget that you are the best" ".

“I miss Diego,” said the Spurs boss, distinguishing between footballer and man.

“There is Maradona and there is Diego.

Maradona, I don't need to talk about it because the world knows it and no one will forget it.

Diego, it was different.

The people who were his great friends, (…) his colleagues, these guys were privileged, ”says Mourinho.

"He had a big, big, big, big heart"

“I can say that he was a good friend of mine, although my contacts with him were mostly by phone.

We have of course also met a few times, ”added the Portuguese.

“He had a big, big, big, big heart.

This is what I will miss, because his football, if we do a search on Google, we will find him, but Diego, the man, we will not find him, "concluded Mourinho.


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